Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho, who is expected to become chairman under a Republican Senate, has been receptive to increasing the limit on bank qualified debt.
November 25
3 Min Read
A voter-approved $5.5 billion bond measure gives the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine a new lease on life.
November 24
2 Min Read
Municipal finance is not a top-tier issue for treasury secretaries, but Yellen has taken a strong stance for more direct aid to state and local governments during the pandemic.
November 24
4 Min Read
The election defeat of House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello changes the Ocean State's political playing field as it faces a $275 million deficit.
November 20
6 Min Read
The greatest risks and potential for permanent change reside in the nation’s largest cities, ones with an outsized influence over its economy and finances.
The COVID-19 pandemic has pummeled the segments of the American economy tied to public gatherings. For the cities and industries most reliant on bringing people together, adaptation and perseverance will be critical.
Even before COVID-19, urban economists and planners were pointing to a trend of suburbanization of job growth. That could now accelerate, with employers at an inflection point to assess their future needs.
Michael Chalker, portfolio manager and senior analyst at LM Capital Group, talks with Chip Barnett about the fixed-income markets and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. (16 minutes)
November 26
1 Min Read
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board CEO Mark Kim talks about his priorities after recently being named CEO in October, changes to its reduced board size and transparency of the board. Sarah Wynn hosts. (34 minutes)
November 24
1 Min Read
The hurdles faced by Black professionals who break into the financial services belie the notion that their small numbers at the industry’s top ranks are a pipeline problem.
November 23
3 Min Read