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  • Luis Maizel is co-founder of LM Capital, an employee-owned minority business in California. Maizel, one of the nation’s few Mexican-born fund and income managers, says he doesn’t see a recession coming. He also looks at U.S. GDP, inflation, interest rates and credit spreads amid the uncertainty of the U.S. election and the coronavirus expansion. Chip Barnett hosts.
    February 20
  • Bob Jones, a member of AmeriVet Securities Board of Directors and a Vietnam war pilot, talks with Chip Barnett about his time in the military and his experience being held as a POW in Hanoi for 62 months. He discusses how he gives back today to fellow vets through his various business ventures and how AmeriVet, a veteran-owned and operated SDVOB financial services firm, helps vets transition into the financial services sector.
    February 19
  • Reuben McDaniel III, newly appointed CEO and president of the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, outlines his vision for one of the nation’s top municipal bond issuers. Hosted by Andrew Coen.
    February 18
  • BlackRock's Sean Carney discusses the new era of challenges for muniland, including climate change and cyber security. He also opines about the growing trend of taxable issuance. Aaron Weitzman hosts.
    February 13
  • Stifel Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza discusses why she thinks the Fed’s job is far from done, why inflation remains stubbornly below its 2% target, the inverting yield curve, consumer spending and economic growth. Gary Siegel hosts.
    February 12
  • Nick Sifuentes of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign explores the challenges of New York MTA as well as NJTransit and the Penn Station expansion. Paul Burton and Andrew Coen host.
    February 11
  • Paul Daley, managing director of BondWave’s Information Lab, talks about how big data can be made more accessible and valuable to users. He details his examination into a Pacific Gas and Electric bond as a way to illustrate how drilling down into this information can help participants in a fast-moving market. Chip Barnett hosts.
    February 6
  • Randy Gerardes, a senior municipal bond analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, examines how a Minor League Baseball restructuring proposal that could ax dozens of teams would impact publicly funded ballparks. Hosted by Andrew Coen and Paul Burton.
    February 4
  • Daryl Clements, portfolio manager at AllianceBernstein, breaks down what trends from 2019 will carry into 2020 and those that might emerge in the new year. Hosted by Aaron Weitzman.
    January 30