• Marc Pfeffer, chief investment officer at CLS Investments, talks about today’s municipal bond market and looks to the future.
    July 2
  • Maine State Treasurer Henry Beck discusses how the New England state is confronting steep revenue losses driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and budget-saving measures that may be enacted. Andrew Coen hosts.
    June 30
  • Cooper Howard, director of fixed income strategy at the Schwab Center for Financial Research, talks about the bifurcation in the market and what investors should look at during the rest of the year.
    June 25
  • Bond analyst Joseph Krist examines the types of debt most vulnerable to the coronavirus hit. He also discusses the Federal Reserve's Municipal Lending Facility. Recorded June 10. Paul Burton hosts.
    June 23
  • Matt Boardman, head of fixed income for RBC Wealth Management, talks with Chip Barnett, about how the municipal bond market has changed over the past few months in light of the coronavirus pandemic. He talks about how the economic effects due to COVID-19 caused a "sudden and violent" dislocation in munis for over two months and how we’ve now returned to being a more rational and reasonable market and remains vibrant and strong.
    June 18
  • Andy Dillon and Michael Imber from restructuring firm Conway MacKenzie explore creative options for states and cities coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. Paul Burton hosts.
    June 16
  • Lynn Martin, president & COO of ICE Data Services, also owner of the New York Stock Exchange, talks about ICE's role in pricing, its municipal evaluation services and just how the municipal market itself is resilient. Chip Barnett, senior markets reporter hosts with another Lynn(e), innovation editor at The Bond Buyer.
    June 11
  • Alicia Trost, communications director for Bay Area Rapid Transit, discusses BART's social media strategy during the crisis. Paul Burton hosts.
    June 9
  • Phil Toews, CEO of Toews Corp., talks about all the recent market turmoil and what it means for the municipal bond market in general and high-yield munis specifically. Chip Barnett hosts.
    June 4