• Lee Igel, a professor at New York University's Tisch Institute for Global Sport, examines the ripple-effect economic impact, tangible and psychological, of sports cancellations due to the coronavirus. Paul Burton hosts.
    9h ago
  • Unprecedented historic times require use of all collective knowledge. Van Hesser, chief strategist, and William Cox, senior managing director of corporate and government ratings at Kroll, maintain the mission of a rating agency does not change at times like this. However, there is a continuous effort to raise the bar on all they do. John Hallacy hosts.
    April 2
  • Nicole Gelinas from the Manhattan Institute discusses the economic blows to New York City and the MTA from the pandemic, and options available. Paul Burton hosts the program, recorded one week ago.
    March 31
  • With outflows occurring, Eric Kazatsky, muni strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, maintains that muni appetite will vary directly with the credit hits that will be sustained in this environment. In some ways, he sees a return to pricing for the risk and the fundamentals. Taxable munis and ESG bonds will continue to gain in popularity. The future depends on the level of fiscal support in order to emerge from the crisis. John Hallacy hosts. Taped two weeks ago
    March 26
  • Chris Brigati, managing director of Advisors Asset Management talks about approaching the market with strategies in mind, but adapting to the realities of today. He shares concerns over liquidity and the challenges for cautious investors. The session was recorded two weeks ago. John Hallacy hosts.
    March 25
  • Gerrard Bushell, executive chair of the New Terminal One Development Project at John F. Kennedy International Airport, discusses how the $7 billion public-private partnership is progressing under the leadership of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Hosted by Andrew Coen.
    March 24
  • Dan Aschenbach of AGVP Advisory LLP walks us through the more controversial developments regarding Santee Cooper, JEA, and PG&E. He suggests alternatives are winning but have the issue of reliability to consider. John Hallacy hosts.
    March 19
  • What will change in the age of autonomous vehicles? Almost everything, Mois Navon of Mobileye tells Chip Barnett as they talk about the future of cars and the effect it will have on tomorrow's society.
    March 18
  • Zak Accuardi of the Natural Resources Defense Council explores how a transit funding ballot failure provides a case study. Paul Burton hosts.
    March 17