Jean Yin

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Title: Capital Markets Finance Director
Firm: University of California
Age: 34

Jean Yin, director of Capital Markets Finance for the University of California Office of the President, has demonstrated exemplary efforts in leading bond transactions for the University over the last year.

The rising star “kind of fell into” working in public finance starting with an internship as a financial advisor.

“I spent a few years outside of the muni space, and came to the university in 2012 and have enjoyed working for my alma mater ever since,” Yin said.

Working at UC “is especially rewarding, because we support the students, researchers, professors, and administrators, who contribute to the university’s work, which benefits the public at large,” she said.

“It’s fun to read in the news about groundbreaking UC research, or the top rankings of the UC campuses and hospitals, or how UC is supporting undocumented students.”

She also called it a mentally stimulating job that never gets boring.

“The UC is such a large and complex organization, so that I am learning something new every day,” she said.

The university has issued nearly $2.7 billion across multiple credits since December 2016. Yin led those transactions for the university, coordinating efforts with numerous stakeholders, agencies and advisors, according to her nominators.

The transactions financed projects that have supported the university’s mission of teaching, research, and public service, including the critical Merced 2020 project, which aims to nearly double Merced’s enrollment capacity in two years, all while achieving low rates. She also helped restore the University’s tax-exempt commercial paper program.

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