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There’s a new municipal market out there, bubbling beneath the surface. We think it’s time to bring it above ground.

Beginning today, and over the next several weeks, The Bond Buyer will roll out some changes to how we cover and communicate with the professionals and the leaders who work in and around municipal finance.

Today, you’ll meet Lynne Funk Posner, our new Innovation Editor, a role we’ve created to spearhead coverage and curation of the ideas that have the potential to change this industry. Lynne is ideally suited to this role. In addition to covering transportation and infrastructure for The Bond Buyer more than a decade ago, she’s also worked on the practitioner side of the business, at SIFMA and MMA. Most recently, she co-founded Court Street Group Research. Her first post - thinking about ways to help the industry better communicate its message - can be found here.

With Lynne’s help, we’ll be rebooting The Bond Buyer’s opinion section. We’ll also be rethinking almost every aspect of our daily report — the news and news analysis you rely on — including our Markets, Regions and Washington coverage.

Our mission in all of these initiatives is to put the ideas that are driving industry change at the center of our work; to let critical thinking and sharp analysis drive our coverage agenda; and to tell the story of muni market innovation in ways that inspire.

With regulatory and technological (and social and political) change influencing and pressuring participants across this business — forces that will only intensify — we all need to continually adapt to stay in front of that change. We will cover the ways in which the market is doing just that, through a number of different voices – those of Lynne and other Bond Buyer editors and reporters, traditional muni players, and, especially, those on the periphery of one or more areas of this business, trying to break through.

It’s an exciting time to be in the municipal bond industry. If you are out there formulating new solutions to old problems, rethinking some aspect of this business, or see an opening to break through in transformative ways, we want to hear from you.

If you wish to submit an opinion piece or pass along an idea, please contact Lynne Funk Posner at 212-803-8237 or

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