Blake Boehm

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Title: Principal/Managing Director
Firm: KNN Public Finance
Age: 37

Blake Boehm isn’t just skating through life, he’s living it.

His dreams of becoming a professional hockey player melted when the National Hockey League 2005-06 lockout sent professionals from the American league to Europe looking for a place to play, leaving him without a roster spot.

“No one was taking anyone,” he lamented. “I made some wrong choices to follow that dream.”

While he still plays hockey regularly, the Europe fiasco led him to pursue other employment. He landed a job with David Taussig & Associates, where he did a lot of Mello-Roos financing. “My destiny was public finance,” Boehm said, “and I haven’t looked back.”

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University in business administration (finance) so he was well-suited for a career in public finance.

But there’s more to life than just work. Blake’s wife Leslie, son Merrick (age 7) and daughter Maddie (officially Madilyn), take up much of his time. “We do a lot together.”

Some of the activities the family enjoys are camping and spending time at the beach. Blake also enjoys surfing and occasionally has time for a round of golf.

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