Top muni issuers of 2019

The top municipal issuers easily surpassed their totals from 2018, with $400.51 billion in 10,582 transactions in 2019 compared to $320.35 billion in 8,549 deals the year before. California regained control of the throne after coming in third in 2018.

The top two issuers finished way ahead of the rest of the pack, as there is a $4 billion gap between second and third, while the difference between first and second place is a mere $600 million.

California back on top
The State of California found itself back on top of issuer rankings, ending the year year with $9.49 billion in 12 deals. This was up from third place in 2018.
Reuben R. McDaniel III HeadshotDASNY2019.jpg
DASNY drops down one spot
The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York's reign came to an end but the authority only fell one spot from where it was in 2018. DASNY accounted for $8.84 billion in 38 transactions, easily the most number of deals out of all the top issuers.

The authority has also transitioned to a new leader. In September of 2019, it was announced that Gerrard Bushell, who has been running DASNY since April 2015, would be leaving. In December, the authority said that Reuben R. McDaniel III, a Raymond James banker, would be taking over the ship.
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NYC TFA comes in third
The New York City Transitional Finance Authority came in third place, finishing one spot lower than it did in 2018. The NYC TFA finished 2019 with a total of $4.35 billion spanning 19 transactions.
MTA moving on up
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority finished one spot higher than it did in 2018, as the authority finishes 2019 with a grand total of $4.24 billion in 24 transactions.
Massachusetts making moves
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts moved way up from 13th place in 2018 to fifth place in 2019 with $4.02 billion throughout 15 deals. Another $400 million worth of deals and they could have gotten as high as third place, as spots three through five were extremely close.
Colorado HFA makes the biggest jump
After finishing in the 96th spot in 2018, the Colorado Health Facilities Authority moved all the way up to the sixth spot in 2019 with $3.88 billion in 12 deals.
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Michigan Finance Authority accelerates
The Michigan Finance Authority also saw a big improvement year-over-year. After coming in 81st place in 2018, the authority came in seventh place in 2019 with $3.48 billion and 18 transactions.
NYC falls back
New York City came in fourth place in 2018 but dropped to eighth place in 2019, as the city sold $3.47 billion in 11 deals.
New Jersey State House, the capitol building for New Jersey in Trenton
The state capital dome reflects sunlight late afternoon in downtown Trenton New Jersey
NJTTFA on fast track
The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority moved up one spot year-over-year to ninth with a total of $3.32 billion in only four deals.
Empire State Development Corp. rounds out the top 10
The ESDC finishes in the top 10 with a total of $3.22 billion in 10 issues in 2019.