PFM pushes further ahead
Public Financial Management moved itself even higher from where it was at the same point last year to $26.69 billion and 19.4% market share from $26.16 billion or 19.1% market share. The firm found itself more than $10 billion ahead of the second place firm for the first half of 2019, last year during the same time the gap was a little more than $7 billion.
PRAG parked in second
Public Resources Advisory Group was still in second place with $16.57 billion or 12.1% market share compared to $19 billion and 13.9% market share the same time the previous year.
Hilltop hovers closer
Hilltop Securities saw year-over-year gains across the board, finished the first half with $12.55 billion in 289 deals or 9.1% market share versus $9.66 billion in 263 transactions and 7% market share.
Acacia ascends in rankings
Acacia Financial Group was one spot higher to fourth with $3.60 billion and 2.6% market share, compared to the same period of time the previous year when the firm was fifth with $4.54 and 3.3% market share.
Piper up a couple spots
Piper Jaffray came in two spots higher to round out the top five with $3.33 billion and 2.4% market share.
Jumbled around
The remaining firms were all mixed up from where they were a year ago: Larson Consulting Services LLC came in sixth and saw the biggest jump to $2.70 billion from $18 million; RBC Capital Markets dropped from third to seventh with $2.49 billion; Municipal Capital Markets Group Inc., gained one spot with $2.42 billion; Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors was idle in ninth with $2.15 billion; And CSG Advisors Incorporated was two spots higher with $1.95 billion.