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  • September 26 2017, 2:29pm EDT
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Rising Stars: Class of 2017

Meet the 28 bright, young individuals that make The Bond Buyer's second class of Rising Stars.

Samara Barend

Title: Senior Vice President and Strategic Development Director
Firm: AECOM Capital
Age: 39

“Leaders in all of the professions involved in P3 project development recognize Sam's unique combination of insight, enthusiasm, team building skills, and strong determination to take on a significant challenge and surmount obstacles and work steadily and untiringly toward a successful conclusion. She believes strongly in the public purpose underlying the need for infrastructure development and for new tools and approaches to achieve this key societal imperative.”
- Eric Petersen, Hawkins, Delafield & Wood LLP

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Brandon Dias

Title: Partner
Firm: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Age: 38

“Brandon has become the leading go-to attorney in California for the answers on PACE. He’s regularly called on by clients, both governmental and private, to assist in structuring, establishing and implementing PACE programs, not only in California, but across the country, including Florida, Georgia and Missouri.”
- Adi Weisman, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Eric Eberth

Title: Senior Vice President, Municipal Finance
Firm: Drexel Hamilton, LLC
Age: 39

“We were just a two-person department in 2011. I was focused on getting us approved with issuers, and that left Eric to do pretty much everything else – and he did it.”
- Tom Mead, Drexel Hamilton

Robert Feigenson

Title: Vice President
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Age: 39

“The thing that impresses me most about Rob is not his financial acumen, but his passion for serving our institution and feeling that he truly understands our mission and is part of the team. He treated our project with great care for Marymount, not just his bottom line. Something that I think is lacking in many today.”
- Matt Shank, president of Marymount University

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Sandy Pae Goldstein

Title: Vice President
Firm: Fundamental Credit Opportunities
Age: 37

“Sandy is a thought leader in municipal credit, and is a critical contributor to the public finance team of one of the industry's leading hedge funds.”
- Stephen Winterstein, Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors Inc.

Emma Griffith

Title: Sector Head, U.S. Seaports, Global Infrastructure Group
Firm: Fitch Ratings
Age: 38

“Emma has shown great leadership as head of the seaport sector where she has put out timely research pieces and commentary to the market at the same time becoming a sought-after participant in industry panels. Through all these endeavors Emma shows a continued commitment to excellence.”
- Scott Zuchorski, Fitch Ratings

Cabray Haines

Title: Director and Co-Head of Midwest Practice
Firm: Barclays
Age: 39

“As her client, I have always found her to be super smart, effective and highly responsive. Cabray really seems to care about the challenges we face and using the powerful public finance tools to help us find solutions that will make life better for our citizens.”
- Sarah Sanders, Connecticut

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Pedro Hernandez

Title: Partner
Firm: Squire Patton Boggs
Age: 39

“A staple in the legal and local community, Pedro has a strong passion for helping and advocating for those – human or animal – who are suffering from abuse, misfortune, or displacement.”
- Andrea Rodeschini, Squire Patton Boggs.

Laura Janke

Title: Director
Firm: RBC Capital Markets
Age: 36

“It is my opinion that Laura is one of the rising stars and thought leaders in not only the Minneapolis public finance community, but the entire Midwest and beyond public finance community as well.”
- Cory Hoeppner, RBC Capital Markets

Eric Kazatsky

Title: Municipal Strategist
Firm: Bloomberg Intelligence
Age: 39

“Eric built out credit and research capabilities at SEI, which managed $3 billion of munis, and now Bloomberg, where they are branching into sector research. He is well respected and well liked throughout the industry. He is known as someone who always tries to help other muni professionals.”
- Eric Finkelman, vice president, Tellus LLC vice president

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Joel Levy

Title: Senior Director, Head of Municipal Research and Sector Lead Municipal Portfolio Manager
Firm: Nuveen - TIAA Investments
Age: 39

“I firmly believe leaders like Joel, with a practitioner’s background, academic training across various disciplines, and hands-on analytic and investment work in the municipal bond market is exactly the right experience the market needs from prospective leaders to continue to build out a vibrant market serving a growing number of stakeholders.”
- Barnet Sherman, Tenbar Capital

Kimberly Lyons

Title: Senior Vice President-Head of Muni Finance Credit Risk Management
Firm: Dexia Credit Local
Age: 36

“Kimberly has demonstrated leadership, wisdom, compassion and intelligence and I count myself lucky to be one of her friends. Her star is rising rapidly.”
- Freda Johnson, founding board member of Northeast Women in Public Finance

Will MacPherson

Title: Managing Director, Business Head of Municipals
Firm: Ipreo
Age: 36

“Will came into the municipal bond market with a different mindset – one that has already proven to bring efficiency and clarity into a long-standing market. At a time when technology is continually enhancing experiences, Will raised his hand and set out to design and execute a solution with all market participants and constituents in mind.”
- Kate McKay, Ipreo

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John Medina

Title: Vice President- Senior Analyst
Firm: Moody’s Investors Service
Age: 37

“John brings a deep knowledge and a range of experience in both the municipal finance and project finance sectors, and is recognized by investors, issuers, and financial advisors for his careful assessment of emerging credit topics.”
- Michael Mulvaney, Managing Director, Moody’s Investors Service

Tyler Old

Title: Director
Firm: Public Financial Management
Age: 36

“Tyler brings a great combination of experiences as an investment banker helping to raise capital for needed infrastructure, together with a keen interest and understanding of the water and wastewater industry, to his work as a municipal advisor. In the year and a half that Tyler has been a municipal advisor, he has developed a significant client base due to these qualities. We anticipate that client base to grow and for Tyler’s influence and leadership to provide great benefits to the industry in the future. A true thought leader … and one to watch!”
- Debbie Cherney, Eastern Municipal Water District

Saliha Olgun

Title: Assistant General Counsel
Firm: Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
Age: 34

“Saliha has made remarkable contributions to the municipal securities market for an individual in the early stages of a career. She’s a key member of a team of professionals carrying out the directions of the MSRB Board for the development of regulatory policy for the municipal securities market.’’
- Michael Post, MSRB

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Allison Pink

Title: Director
Firm: UBS Financial Services Inc.
Age: 36

“Allison’s reach into the municipal market transcends her role as a technical, well-respected and talented regional public finance banker. Her pride and dedication to the industry is what really stands out. Allison’s tenure with the Women in Public Finance board is just one small example of that.”
- Bill Baneky, Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc.

Andrew Porges

Title: Director, Public Finance, Western Region
Firm: Assured Guaranty
Age: 39

“With his ability to underwrite diverse municipal transactions and his command of the details and nuances of restructurings, Andrew is a tremendous asset to our team. We have no doubt that he will continue to make an outstanding contribution to both our company and the communities our insured bonds benefit.”
- Jason Kissane, Assured Guaranty

Matt Posner

Title: Managing Director, Market Intelligence
Firm: Neighborly
Age: 34

“Matt has in him the blueprint of the next generation of public finance. Humble, quiet, thoughtful, he brings profound insight to an industry he loves dearly.”
- Jase Wilson, Neighborly

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Title: Deputy Assistant Treasurer for Debt Management
Firm: Massachusetts Department of the State Treasurer
Age: 35

“Drew understands the value of each investor (large and small) and takes none of them for granted. Whether he is planning and managing our nationally known annual investor conference (where he does everything from developing a topical, relevant agenda and securing the speakers to ordering lunch) or spending time on the phone with local retail investors explaining how bonds work, it is clear that he loves the “people” aspect of his job.”
- Sue Perez, Massachusetts

Sarah Snyder

Title: Senior Vice President
Firm: Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co.
Age: 34

“Sarah is a role model within the firm, especially to the firm’s junior staff, many of whom she has trained proficiently. A true team player, she also selflessly assists other bankers in other sectors of the firm when needed.”
- Suzanne Shank, SCSCO

Kurt Summers

Title: Treasurer
Firm: City of Chicago
Age: 38

“Kurt is not only the banker and investor for the city of Chicago, he's an economic champion for the residents he serves.”
- Jacki Robinson-Ivy, Northern Trust.

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Joel Tindal

Title: Director
Firm: Hilltop Securities Inc.
Age: 34

“Joel is a leader in his firm and serves as a mentor to a number of younger bankers and analysts in his firm. He displays a great deal of innovation and creativity in finding financial solutions for his clients. Using a low key approach, Joel has been successful in communicating complex ideas in understandable language to all of his clients, ranging from large sophisticated entities to small issuers.”
- Ed Stull, Managing Director, Hilltop Securities Inc.

Ha To

Title: Finance Specialist III
Firm: Los Angeles City Administrative Office
Age: 35

“Ha is respected and well-liked at the City and with the public finance professionals that the City works with on its financing programs. Her collaborative approach facilitates effective and efficient working groups. She is a hands-on professional with a strong work ethic and the highest commitment to quality. Her ability to lead and analyze complicated bond financings to meet the City's infrastructure needs has moved the City forward in its capital program.”
- Natalie Brill, City of Los Angeles, Office of the City Administrative Officer

Todd Tomich

Title: Managing Vice President, Public Finance, West Region
Firm: Build America Mutual
Age: 38

“Todd’s approach is the definition of ‘client focused’; he is driven to identify all transactions where bond insurance can assist issuers in raising capital at the lowest possible cost, and then diligently work to make sure those improved executions come to fruition.”
- Scott Sollers, Build America Mutual

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Tim Tung

Title: Director and Lead Analyst
Firm: S&P Global Ratings
Age: 37

“Tim is the new face of S&P Global Ratings. He serves as an exemplary role model and thought leader within the U.S. public finance department.”
- James Breeding, S&P Global Ratings

Claire Voorhees

Title: Director and Senior Credit Analyst
Firm: Wells Fargo Principal Investments
Age: 33

“Claire is a dedicated public finance professional, involved with the industry though memberships and engagements. She is well spoken and personable.”
- Patricia Healy, Cumberland Advisors

Title: Partner
Firm: Mayer Brown
Age: 39

“Stephanie Wagner is one of just a few women lawyers in the US with an impressive track record of handling the municipal finance aspects of major, first-of-their-kind public-private partnership (P3) transactions that are changing the future of the nation’s transportation infrastructure.”
- David Narefsky, Mayer Brown