Treasury to offer $42B 91-days, $36B 182-days week of Oct. 30

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The Treasury Department said Thursday it will auction $42 billion 91-day bills and $36 billion 182-day discount bills Monday.

The 91s settle Nov. 2, and are due Feb. 1, 2108, and the 182s settle Nov. 2, and are due May 2, 2018.

Currently, there are $53.001 billion 91-days outstanding and no 182s.

Treasury said it will auction also $50 billion 37-day cash management bills on Oct. 30.

Noncompetitive bids are due by 12 noon, Eastern time. Competitive bids are due by 1 p.m., Eastern time.

The bills have an issue date of Nov. 1 and are due Dec. 8.

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