Mikiyon Alexander

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Title: Director and Analytical Leader
Firm: Fitch Ratings
Age: 38

Mikiyon Alexander has made big strides during his 14-year public finance career, becoming head of Fitch Ratings’ tax-exempt housing group in 2017. Mikiyon rose to a leadership role at Fitch following 12 years at S&P Global Ratings, where he spearheaded organizational efficiency changes including pioneering a framework for credit analysis of community development financial institutions.

Mikiyon’s ascent to a high-level in the tax-exempt housing sector by his mid-30s and his collaboration on initiatives throughout his young career has established him as an innovative leader in the municipal finance industry. In addition to focusing on the primary market for cross-sector municipal finance securitizations and affordable housing, Mikiyon also taken on an active role with Fitch’s development of an employee resource group for people of color. He has helped establish partnerships with diversity programs and universities along with new recruiting strategies aimed at enhancing diversity throughout the firm.

“Mikiyon Alexander more than meets the criteria for a Rising Star in the municipal bond market, having demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and innovation throughout his career," said Laura Porter, Fitch's head of U.S. public finance.

Mikiyon is an active runner and cyclist. These two passions prompted him to become treasurer of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative from 2017 to 2019 in an effort to expand open spaces for recreational activities.

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