PFM pushes further ahead
Public Financial Mangement extended its lead year-over-year with $50.07 billion and a 17.8% market share versus $43.51 billion and 19.3% share of the market.
PRAG safely in second
Public Resources Advisory Group found itself in second place again with a par amount of $33.92 billion or 12.1% share of the market.
Hilltop Securities stays in third
Hilltop Securities accounted for $21.18 billion and a market share of 7.5% to be squarely in third place.
Acacia doubles par amount from last year
Acacia Financial Group Inc., has a par amount of $10.03 billion and 3.6% share of the market, both increases from $5.02 billion and 2.2% it had during the same time period the year before.
Estrada Hinojosa triples its par
Estrada Hinojosa & Company Inc., saw huge year-over-year increases to $9.82 billion and 3.5% market share from $3.12 billion and 1.4% share of the market.
Rest of the best
The remaining top muni FAs are: Frasca and Associates with $8.37 billion; Piper Sandler and Co., with $5.93 billion; KNN Public Finance with $5.85 billion; Swap Financial Group LLC with $5.73 billion; And Kaufman Hall & Associates Inc., with $5.26 billion.