Where are we headed? The future of transportation in the COVID-19 era

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 2:00 p.m. EDT
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COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the travel and commuting landscape in the United States and around the world. Join us for a special webinar on how transportation agencies are adjusting to this new reality and how the municipal market is responding.

We are honored to be joined by Pat McCoy, Director of Finance for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Brian Mayhew, Chief Financial Officer for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. These two leaders are at the forefront of navigating the significant financial and operational challenges facing large transportation agencies.

For a perspective on credit and investor sentiment, we will also be joined by Michael Shepard, Vice President and Research Analyst at Franklin Templeton. The event will be hosted by UBS Public Finance, with remarks from Michael Lexton, Head of Transportation, Angelia Schmidt, Head of Underwriting and Kristin Stephens, Head of Credit Strategies, as well as an engaging panel discussion. We look forward to your participation.

Key Speakers
  • Michael Lexton
    Michael Lexton
    Managing Director and Head of Transportation, UBS
  • Pat Mccoy
    Pat McCoy
    Director of Finance, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Brian Mayhew
    Brian Mayhew
    Chief Financial Officer, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • michael shepard
    Michael Shepard
    Vice President and Research Analyst, Franklin Templeton
  • Angelia Schmidt
    Angelia Schmidt
    Managing Director and Head of Municipal Underwriting, UBS
  • Kristen Stephens
    Kristin Stephens
    Managing Director and Head of Credit Strategies, UBS