20/20 vision: Future outlook of high yield municipal bonds

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In 2020 the current boom in high yield municipal funds is coming in the 11th consecutive year of economic growth, a record by modern standards. However, experience from the Great Recession and financial crisis of 2008 has shown that high-risk bonds climb high in the years before a downturn, then fall hard when the economy falls.

It remains to be seen if municipal credit fundamentals are as resilient as current yields suggest. Bondholders in the high yield market should know what their exposure is, in the event market conditions change and history repeats itself. Based on bonds being issued today, what’s important to look for in the future?

Join Refinitiv and our expert panelists as we highlight key trends in the municipal bond market in 2020 and beyond. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Municipal bond market themes and trends in 2020
  • Why investors in search of alpha are increasingly turning towards high yield funds
  • Factors around how growing demand is outpacing muni bond supply and driving down yields
  • Whether high yield munis are truly outperforming investment grade bonds and how this affects future performance
  • The risks and challenges in assessing future high yield muni bond performance

Founder, John Hallacy Consulting LLC
March 2
Manager of High Yield Municipal Evaluators, Refinitiv
February 20
Executive Managing Director
February 20
Director of Municipal Research, Massachusetts Financial Services
February 28