Slideshow The Bond Buyer's most downloaded podcasts of 2017

  • January 26 2018, 3:56pm EST
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Topics that interested our listeners the most last year spanned the spectrum from the local to the national, ranging from New York City finances to federal tax reform legislation, and from advances in technology affecting the municipal bond market to current trends impacting the industry.

No. 1: <a href="" target=" _blank">Deep dig on NYC finances</a>

Maria Doulis of the Citizens Budget Commission and Howard Cure of Evercore Wealth Management discuss New York City's finances, transportation issues and its relationship with New York State. Hosted by Paul Burton.

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No. 2: <a href="" target=" _blank">Ravitch breaks down the N.Y. transit crisis</a>

Public finance guru Richard Ravitch analyzes the New York region’s transit crisis and compares it with the problems he faced when he oversaw the MTA in the late 1970s. Hosted by Paul Burton.

No. 3: <a href="" target=" _blank">Will tax changes kill the muni market as we know it?</a>

The impact of tax reform is on the minds of all participants in the municipal bond market. The Bond Buyer’s Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Hume joins Contributing Editor John Hallacy in breaking down what the House and Senate plans will mean for state and local governments as well as the effect it will have on underwriters and dealers, bond counsel and financial advisors. Hosted by Chip Barnett.

No. 4: <a href="" target=" _blank">Getting Technical With the Municipal Market</a>

Hardy Manges, head of municipal dealer sales’ at MarketAxess, discusses the impact of technology on the muni market. He also looks at trends in e-trading muni bonds and gives an update on MarketAxess' platform, which is about a year into its venture in the muni space. Hosted by Aaron Weitzman

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No. 5: <a href="" target=" _blank">Market tone, rates & credit quality in focus</a>

Lord Abbett’s Dan Solender and Eric Friedland discuss the market tone, rates, sectors, and credit quality. The colleagues give a frank assessment of the landscape, including federal policy, state financial trends, relative strengths of revenue bonds and the shape of the yield curve and the outlook for rates. Hosted by John Hallacy.

No. 6: <a href="" target=" _blank">Navigating the green bond segment</a

Green bonds offer the socially and environmentally conscious investor the opportunity to assist the greater good by improving the biosphere in addition to returns. Muni green bond issuance has accelerated but there has been no marked advantage in their pricing and trading. Henry Shilling, Senior VP of Moody’s, highlights the trends. Hosted by John Hallacy.

No. 7: <a href="" target=" _blank">Second half market observations</a>

Peter DeGroot, Strategist and Head of Municipal Research at JPMorgan, joins us to discuss his views on the municipal market for the second half from both the technical and credit aspects. Hosted by John Hallacy.

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No. 8: <a href="" target=" _blank">What do muni analysts really think?</a>

PNC Capital Markets managing director Tom Kozlik discusses the results of his third annual poll of municipal bond analysts, which reveals pensions and Washington policy uncertainty as the two biggest concerns. Hosted by Paul Burton.

No. 9: <a href="" target=" _blank">Producing top-tier results</a>

How can muni managers produce consistent returns while managing risk efficiently? Invesco’s Mark Paris and Stephanie Larosilliere talk about their high-yield municipal fund, which tends to focus on seven to 10 sectors, with Tobacco, CCRC, IDB and Charter schools among the most active. Hosted by John Hallacy.

No. 10: <a href="" target=" _blank">The art of the cutting-edge bond deal</a>

Dentons partner Jonathan Ballan takes us through three creative bond transactions: LaGuardia Airport, Scranton parking and Glen Cove, N.Y., economic development. He also discusses infrastructure financing and his years of service on the New York MTA board. Hosted by Paul Burton.