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  • January 19 2018, 11:09am EST
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Topics that our readers were most interested in last year ranged from the negotiations around tax reform to the financial crises in Puerto Rico. Readers also wanted to know about those firms that were getting out of and getting into the municipal bond business. And The Bond Buyer's addition of a new Data Workstation also made our list of the 10 most viewed stories of 2017.

No. 1: <a href="" target=" _blank">Oversight board director owns at least $265,000 in Puerto Rico bonds</a>

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Interim Executive Director Ramon Ruiz owns at least $265,000 in Puerto Rico bonds and debt, in what some observers said may be a violation of federal laws on conflict of interest.

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No. 2: <a href="" target=" _blank">Tax bill will lead to radical transformation of muni market</a>

The municipal bond market will undergo a radical transformation after the expected enactment of the tax bill, with far less volume next year, much lower demand for munis from banks and property and casualty insurance companies, and more costly and complex alternative structures for advance refundings.

No. 3: <a href=" " target=" _blank">Muni market blindsided by House GOP bond proposals</a>

Municipal bond market participants and infrastructure advocates were stunned and unhappy on Wednesday when House Republicans released a tax bill that would terminate private activity bonds and advance refunding bonds after this year.

No. 4: <a href="" target=" _blank">SourceMedia introduces The Bond Buyer Data Workstation</a>

The Bond Buyer, the primary source of news, analysis and insight for municipal professionals, has officially launched the Bond Buyer Data Workstation, a new service that gives subscribers access to dynamic, interactive secondary-market data from directly within the Bond Buyer experience.

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No. 5: <a href="" target=" _blank">William Blair shedding municipals</a>

Chicago-based William Blair has decided to shed its municipal bond business, abandoning an effort that started four years ago to expand the public finance practice to new regions.

No. 6: <a href="" target=" _blank">Final tax bill will likely preserve private activity bonds</a>

The final tax bill is likely to retain tax-exempt private activity bonds, which are used for multi- and single family housing, airports, water and sewer facilities, as well as nonprofit hospitals and universities, several sources said.

No. 7: <a href="" target=" _blank">Senate bill saves, enhances PABs, but eliminates advance refundings</a>

The municipal bond market would fare better in the Senate Republicans’ tax reform proposal, which would preserve private activity bonds and even enhance them. But advance refundings would still be terminated after this year.

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No. 8: <a href="" target=" _blank">Senate's tax proposal could rescue PABs and advance refundings, but kill the SALT deduction</a>

Senate Finance Committee chairman Orrin Hatch's tax reform proposal is expected to be kinder to municipal bonds and tougher on state and local governments, legislative and other sources said.

No. 9: <a href="" target=" _blank">Final tax bill gives muni market the gift of continued PABs</a>

The first sweeping tax overhaul bill in three decades brings holiday gifts to the municipal bond market with the full preservation of private activity bonds, after the House has initially proposed terminating them at the end of the year.

No. 10: <a href="" target=" _blank">UBS taps Hill, Genyk and Sanborn to lead muni revival</a>

UBS Wealth Management Americas is looking to revive its capital markets and public finance businesses, hiring Peter Hill from Wells Fargo and Steven Genyk from Janney Montgomery Scott and reassigning Chief Risk Officer Mark Sanborn to head capital markets and sales.