Slideshow The Bond Buyer's 16th Deal of the Year Awards

  • December 07 2017, 2:03pm EST
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Photos from The Bond Buyer's annual gala honoring exemplary public finance transactions and Trailblazing Women in Public Finance. Held Dec. 6 at 583 Park Ave in New York City.

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Ira Powell, COO, Dana Bunting, managing director, and Jim Nadler, president and CEO of Kroll Bond Rating Agency

Chester and Freda Johnson

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Kristin Stephens, UBS, Rob Dailey, Samantha Funk, Kari Blancett, PFM

Debbi Haskins, Roy Koegen and Tanya Barton of Kutak Rock LLP

Cranz, Hill, Twining, Alexander, Scott Mahaffey, Monica Fowler, Brady, Hartman Fort Worth Transportation Authority

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Rosemawr Management's Baruch Z. Halberstam, Greg Shlionsky, James Lister, Elyse Levesque, Julie Morrone, Jenny Chien, Sandrine Justin, Seth Klempner, Jaclyn Durney, Sol Mardakhayev

Kate Fry, Teveia Barnes, Alan Sankin, Anna Friedberg

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Paul Brandley, Michael Abramo, Meghan Burke and Jordan Mooney

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David Kale, Cambridge assistant city manager; Susan Kendall of Hilltop Securities; Louis DePasquale, Cambridge city manager; Kristi Tofuri of Hilltop; Kayla Macewen, Geoffrey Buswick of S&P Global

Bond Buyer Publisher Michael Ballinger, Kristan Stephens of UBS, John Lisica, and Peter Hill of UBS

Julie Morrone, principal Rosemawr Management LLC; Freda Johnson; Carole Brown CFO of Chicago

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Mike Ballinger

Vivian Altman and Kimberly Lyons

Freda Johnson

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Carole Brown

Freda Johnson and Carole Brown

Julie Morrone

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Freda Johnson and Julie Morrone

Michael Scarchilli

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Paul Brandley

Paul Brandley, Michael Abramo, and Bond Buyer Editor in Chief Michael Scarchilli

Louis DePasquale

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Louis DePasquale, Michael Scarchilli, and David Kale

Scott Mahaffey

Fort Worth Transportation Authority's Scott Mahaffey, Monica Fowler and Bond Buyer Executive Editor Stephen Kleege

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Thomas Meier

Kaiser SVP Thomas Meier and Stephen Kleege

Sue McCormick

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Great Lakes Water Authority's Sue McCormick and Stephen Kleege

Dale Bickell

Leigh Griffing

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Missoula Finance Director Leigh Griffing, CAO Dale Bickell, and Rich Saskal

Owensboro Health EVP/CFO John Hackbarth, President & CEO Greg Strahan, EVP/CLO Ward Begley

Brian Mayhew

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Bay Area Toll Authority CFO Brian Mayhew, Bond Buyer National Editor Rich Saskal, BATA Director of Treasury Operations Sue Woo

Kaiser Permanente's Eric Berzon, Thomas Meier and Michael Scarchilli

Freda Johnson, Vivian Altman, Mike Ballinger, Carole Brown

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