Oscar Padilla

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Oscar Padilla

Title: Associate Director
Firm: S&P Global Ratings
Age: 34

Oscar Padilla is an associate director on the U.S. states team at S&P Global Ratings.

His undergraduate studies during the Great Recession, work with the Texas Legislature in 2009, and an internship at the White House helped build a foundation for his career.

“Public finance sits at the interaction of my personal and academic interests,” he said, adding that those interests are finance and public policy. “I was fortunate to land at S&P after grad school which gave me an avenue to explore the ins-and-out of the public finance sector, and now nearly seven years into it I keep learning and have a great team of folks that are always supportive and encouraging.”

He also mentors junior analysts and serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer helping abused and neglected children through the justice system.

“Although his volunteer work is not directly linked to the municipal bond market, in general Oscar views his role within S&P and as a member of society as someone who can improve another person’s day-to-day existence,” said Eden Perry, head of U.S. Public Finance at S&P. “Oscar is a role model for the rest of the team and department through his everyday actions and is truly a rising star to all of us.”

Oscar says he thinks the importance of public finance is often understated. “It’s an essential tool that enables our communities to grow, to rebuild, to effectuate change,” he said. “Being a small part of that is rewarding.”

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