David Gallin

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Title: Executive Director
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Age: 38

These days it’s unusual for anyone to stay with one company for their whole career. But David Gallin has been with Morgan Stanley’s not-for-profit healthcare public finance group since he began his career in 2004, and after being promoted to co-head of the group last year, he seems set.

David decided in the middle of his college days at the University of Pennsylvania that he wanted a career in finance. After earning his degree, he interviewed at banks, and he “really liked the people at Morgan Stanley.” They offered him an analyst position, and “I haven’t really looked back.”

His achievements there resulted in him being “the youngest at Morgan Stanley to head or co-head its healthcare banking team,” according to Dennis Farrell, executive director at the firm.

“Coming through” for a client offers the greatest reward, David said. “When a client is super happy and pleased with the work we did” on a deal, “it’s what keeps me going.”

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a flurry of activity. Specializing in healthcare, “many clients were impacted” by the sudden shutdown of elective surgeries. “We helped clients figure how much liquidity they needed and managed many of the first health care deals” after the pandemic hit, he said. Having worked through the 2008-2009 financial crisis was fortuitous. “I learned some lessons that helped … keep me level-headed, calm and collected while people were panicking.”

Communication was key, “even if it wasn’t the best news.”

And his clients appreciate it. David “provides excellent service to our clients, is smart, hardworking and responsive,” said Elaine Yao of Hammond Hanlon Camp.

“David has been a leader since joining the municipal world in 2004,” said Matthew Kirschner, formerly vice president at UnityPoint Health. “He is client focused and collaborative.”

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