Issuers Redeeming Bonds Used to Finance Jail Facilities
At least two issuers recently redeemed or said they are planning to redeem bonds issued to finance detention facilities because of private use. One redemption was required under a settlement between the issuer and the Internal Revenue Service and the other was triggered by provisions in the offering document.
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Standard & Poor's on Friday announced that it would take no rating action on Texas Health Resources as two nurses who contracted Ebola from a patient at its Presbyterian Dallas hospital were declared cured.  more »
Plans to issue $39.5 million for a performing arts center bring a downgrade to the Sugar Land Development Corp.  more »
Good Shepherd Medical Center faces another possible downgrade on its junk-bond rating from Moody's Investors Service after missing a deadline to sell assets, analysts warned.  more »
A new train station in downtown Dallas may be the northern terminal of a 240-mile privately financed high-speed rail line to Houston.  more »
Containment of the Ebola virus in the U.S. could minimize financial impact on U.S. healthcare providers, but continued spread would raise a large number of unknowns, Standard & Poor's reports.  more »
Colorado lawmakers did not violate the Colorado constitution by reducing cost of living adjustments for retired public employees, the state Supreme Court ruled.  more »
Dan Patrick, the frontrunner in the race for Texas lieutenant governor, has announced plans to raise sales taxes to offset a reduction in property tax rates.  more »
Texas officials like DeWitt County, Texas, Judge Daryl Fowler are riding a boom from oil and gas drilling but know from experience that a "Texas Miracle" can quickly turn into a mirage.  more »
Three New Mexico school districts are suing the state to boost funding that ranks among the lowest in the nation per pupil.  more »
Moody's Investors Service shifted its outlook on Texas Health Resources to "developing" from "positive" after its Dallas hospital's handling of the nation's first Ebola case.  more »
Four years after its launch, the $2.1 billion North Tarrant Express is open to traffic and providing a financial model for other projects in the state, developers say.  more »
The Phoenix City Council has approved a $103 million construction contract for the first phase of a $590 million renovation of Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor International Airport.  more »
Arizona's Treasurer and Republican candidate for governor is easing off calls for elimination of the income tax amid a $520 million deficit in the current fiscal year and a potential $1 billion shortfall in the next.  more »

Americans are suffering the consequences of Congress, governors and legislators across the U.S. pushing the burden of today's costs onto the backs of tomorrow's taxpayers by repeatedly putting off infrastructure repairs and new construction.

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