An innovative approach to new issue scale creation and pricing

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Please join this webinar to learn about an innovative approach to new issue scale creation and pricing.

5 Key Demands of Market Professionals:

1. Efficiently Generate Scales Utilizing Comprehensive Market Data
2. Transparency Around All Underlying Data for each Maturity
3. Professional’s Ability to Influence the Output
4. Ability to Efficiently Analyze Different Structures
5. Support for Pricing

Underwriters, Bankers and Municipal Advisors are asked to produce scales for new issue pricing and to explore potential deals and structures with their Issuer clients. Constituents are increasingly demanding greater transparency to support these scales. Accessing comprehensive market data and identifying all relevant transactions based on the unique structure of the deal to create scales is a time-consuming process that requires the blend of science (hard data) and art (market expertise and experience).

Join this webinar to see how to efficiently generate scales and pricing analyses for any municipal deal you are preparing to bring to market. See how the “science” is comprehensively accomplished (comparable issues, bonds and trades identified) and how the “art” can be applied by the professional (adjust parameters and other factors to reflect your professional judgment).
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Key Speakers
  • John Hallacy
    John Hallacy