Supply-studded calendar heavy on building bonds

Municipal bond buyers will see a potpourri of offerings hit the screens this week, with infrastructure deals ranging from airports to gas works to ports.

Almost 10 billion dollars of municipal bonds will sell this week giving some relief to a market that's been starved to supply for most of the year the California Municipal Finance Authority will sell 1.2 billion dollars of revenue bonds, which will finance building an automated people mover at the Los Angeles International Airport weekly volume so far.

This year's averaged about 4.5 billion dollars off sharply from 2017, six billion dollars a week, but some experts caution about reading too much into the numbers since the comparison between last year and this year doesn't take into account the ban on advanced refunding in May Municipal volume Rose for the third straight month, but still lag behind last year's Pace that rises raised expectations that this year's supply total May wind up near average levels.