Where the yields are

Buyers of municipal bonds will see a sale this week that offers some high yields in return for taking on some additional risk not usually associated with typical deals. California’s Golden State Tobacco Securitization Corp. is issuing a $1.7 billion tobacco bond deal consisting of serials and turbo terms.

I'm ship-borne it and this is your Muni minute missile will bomb buyers looking for high yield won't have to look far as California gets set to hit the market with a big tobacco deal this week.

The golden state.

Tobacco securitization Corporation is selling one point seven billion dollars of tobacco settlement bonds Securities that carry both risks and rewards the bonds will attract investors who are comfortable with taking on some risk in order to gain the higher yields that are usually associated with tobacco debt SMP assigned structured Finance ratings of Triple B to the serial bonds and a triple B minus rating to the 2036 turbo term bonds.

SMP did not rate the turbo bonds of 2047.

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And this has been your Muni minute.