More drama in Maine as healthcare takes center stage

Gov. Paul LePage and state lawmakers are at odds about how to fund a voter-approved Medicaid expansion that was supposed to take effect on July 2.

I'm Andrew Cohen in this is your Muni minute Maine's Healthcare System hits a spotlight on two fronts this week the main health and higher education facilities Authority will sell a hundred Eighty-Four million dollars of revenue bonds in a negotiated deal separately Governor.

Paul LePage is battling State lawmakers over funding for voter approved Medicaid expansion That was supposed to take effect July 2nd.

Well page recently vetoed a measure to pay for the program through one time.

Tobacco settlement and budget surplus funds the legislature will convene this week to attempt a veto override or form another funding proposal the Republican Governor proposed a tax increase on hospitals.

That is met stiff resistance from the state's healthcare industry.

I'm Andrew Cohen, and this has been your Muni minute.