East meets west

A battle of the coasts brews this week as the New York City Transitional Finance Authority and the state of California will sell about $2.5 billion of muni bonds, a big chunk of the $3.6 billion holiday week calendar.

I'm ship Barnett.

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It's East Coast versus West Coast this week as we miscible bond issuers in New York and California battle it out for the markets attention in the Northeast the New York City transitional Finance Authority will be offering well over a billion dollars of future Tech secured subordinate Bonds in a negotiated tax-exempt deal and to competitive taxable sales proceeds will be used to fund capital projects in the city in the Far West.

The state of California is selling almost a billion dollars of General obligation and refunding bonds in three sales proceeds will be used to refund some of the state's outstanding debt at 3.6 billion dollars.

The overall new issue calendar is very light as is normal for a holiday-shortened trading week.

I'm shift Barnett and this has been your Muni manage.