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Massachusetts returns to the municipal bond market this week as it prepares to offer general obligation bonds ahead of the Labor Day holiday

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This is your Muni minute only a week after selling securities in the municipal Market Massachusetts returns to the well for another sip this week's newest you calendar totals nearly four billion dollars and the base states negotiated deal makes up a big chunk of that Massachusetts will be selling over seven hundred twenty five million dollars of General obligation and refunding bonds in a negotiated deal set to be priced by Morgan Stanley on Wednesday Underwriters will offer the bonds to retail investors on Tuesday last week the state competitively sold one and a half billion dollars of Revenue anticipation notes that received a very warm welcome from short-term investors.

Also this week Citigroup will be pricing the Massachusetts clean water trust a hundred and sixty two million dollars of green box on Tuesday.

The deal will finance or refinance waste water and drinking water projects throughout the state.

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