Nicholos Venditti

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Title: Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
Firm: Thornburg Investment Management
Age: 37

In the words of Nick Venditti “Municipal finance is sexy. The communication of municipal bond concepts is . . . not.”

Fortunately for muni bond investors, Venditti is as good with words as he is with numbers.

Venditti, who practices his profession in Santa Fe, N.M., not far from his birthplace in Pueblo, Colo., has been described as a “municipal bond evangelist” and is not afraid to admit “I love municipal finance.”

Although Venditti’s mother worked in mortgage lending, she did not guide him toward public finance. Venditti came to public finance through the back alley of math.

“My background revolves heavily around math — scary math. I was hired by Financial Security Assurance to build loss reserve and other credit rating models. When I started, I could barely describe a municipal bond.”

Venditti joined Thornburg in 2010 as a research analyst and less than a year later, was promoted to associate portfolio manager, and by 2015, he was named a managing director and portfolio manager.

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