John Markowitz

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Assistant Treasurer, Transurban

Title: Assistant Treasurer
Firm: Transurban — North America
Age: 37

John Markowitz, a 2005 graduate of the University of Virginia, started his career in commercial credit at SunTrust Bank. He was about to go to law school when a colleague contacted him about working in a unique and growing form of infrastructure financing, value capture bond underwriting, at Stone and Youngberg (later acquired by Stifel).

He worked on financing infrastructure for municipalities and real estate developers across the U.S. to stimulate economic development and redevelopment for seven years. Then in 2015, he had an opportunity to help the public directly at the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency in Boston where he was vice president of infrastructure and governmental finance.

“I love the public purpose of municipal finance and how private dollars compliment this industry,” he said. “How state, local and federal governments, and the private sector, can work together to make infrastructure happen. There’s such a serious and important need to repair, enhance and grow the way we move and live.”

After Mass Development, Paul Brandley, then the Treasurer and CFO of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, recruited John to become director of Treasury Services. John helped manage a $5 billion debt portfolio and $1.5 billion in cash and investments to support an $8 billion capital investment plan and $2 billion operating budget. After Brandley accepted a role at Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, John became the Treasurer also focusing on business process improvements, resiliency, sustainability, innovation and risk helping to overhaul the Authority’s insurance portfolio.

During that time John got to know Transurban, the global toll road owner developer and operator, at various industry events. He was highly impressed with their reputation as a transparent an honest, high-quality, forward-thinking, long-term partner to the public sector. Transurban offered him an Assistant Treasurer position earlier this year and he’s thoroughly enjoyed it, learning every day.

“John has established himself as a thoughtful and enthusiastic young leader in the transportation industry,” said Michael Discenza, chief financial officer, North America, at Transurban. “I am pleased to have him on my team — talent like his is critical as we join forces with the public sector to deliver transformative transportation solutions.”

John said he has “always thought of himself as been a transit guy. But it’s clear that dynamically priced, managed toll roads are another major tool in solving the congestion dilemma while providing choice to travelers,” he said. “High-quality, long-term relationships with between the public and private sectors matters. The stakes are immense.”

John lives with his wife and two young daughters outside of Washington, D.C.

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