Collin Teague

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Collin Teague

Title: Director
Firm: BofA Securities, Inc.
Age: 37

“Being from Texas and attending the University of Texas, my focus initially was Texas. And coming out of college, I always wanted to do investment banking, working with a team to help governmental issuers. That always felt like the bread and butter of municipal finance,” said Collin Teague, director at BofA Securities. At 37, he’s lived in New York and New Jersey during his career but has executed deals across the country in muni finance.

Collin is a generalist banker who primarily focuses on issuers in Texas and the Midwest, and earlier this year served as a senior banker on the Texas Department of Transportation’s $2.3 billion financing for the Grand Parkway toll road system. Further, as a big NBA basketball fan, he said one of his career highlights was the Barclays Center deal in 2009. He was an associate with Goldman Sachs at that time and helped execute the financing for the arena for the Brooklyn Nets.

Eric Rockhold, managing director at BofA Securities, said the reason he nominated Collin was the “measured, thoughtful and technical perspectives” he brings to professionals across the municipal market. “[Collin’s] way of building bridges with people at all levels both internally and externally is outstanding. Clients appreciate this. He guides junior bankers in a way that provides needed perspective for the new generation of bankers in our industry, which is extremely helpful in the time of COVID.”

Collin and his wife, Lauren, and their two girls, Sophia and Aly, seven and six, live in Northern New Jersey.

“It’s a tough world out there, more than ever. Even finding a babysitter can be complicated. I just hope that everyone is able to continue to manage through this — I’ll continue to be a glass half-full type.”

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