NOTICE OF DEFEASANCE - THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT - General Obligation Bonds 2011 Series A and General Obligation Bonds 2011 Refunding Series A - Maturing on February 15 in the years 2022 through 2031 Inclusive

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the owners of the above referenced bonds (the "Bonds") of The University of Connecticut (the "University") that the University has irrevocably instructed U.S. Bank National Association, as paying agent for the Bonds, to redeem prior to maturity all of the Bonds and on December 17, 2020 deposited with such U.S. Bank ational Association, as escrow agent, cash and obligations of the United States of America, the principal of and interest on which when due together with other moneys will provide monies sufficient to pay when due the principal and interest on the Bonds together with the applicable redemption premium, all in accordance with the General Obligation Master Indenture of Trust dated as of November 1, 1995, as amended and supplemented (the "Indenture"), between the University and U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee (the "Trustee"), pursuant to which the Bonds were issued. As a result of such deposit, said Bonds are deemed to have been paid in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Indenture.


This article originally appeared in The Bond Buyer.
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