Peter  Horst

Peter Horst

Peter Horst is a 20-year marketing veteran with experience spanning products, services and technology at Capital One, Ameritrade, General Mills and US WEST. As Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing at Capital One, Horst supports Capital One’s Banking, Credit Card and National Lending businesses with integrated marketing, value proposition development, and consumer insights. Horst’s team led the brand integration for Capital One following its acquisitions of Hibernia Bank and North Fork Bank. Prior to Capital One, Horst was Chief Marketing Officer of TruSecure Corporation (now Verizon Business Security Solutions), a leading provider of information security services. Before then, Horst was Chief Marketing Officer of Ameritrade, where he built the brand and drove dramatic growth with some of the industry’s most successful and acclaimed marketing programs, including the cult-classic “Stewart” advertising campaign.Prior to joining Ameritrade, Horst held a variety of strategy and line management roles at US WEST (now Qwest), focusing on developing new Internet businesses and launching its broadband offerings. Horst began his marketing career at General Mills, where he spent six years managing such brands as Pop Secret Popcorn and Betty Crocker snacks and meals. Horst holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth and a BA from Harvard.