Any participant in municipals appreciates the importance of quality data as the backdrop for making real time critical decisions. In recent years, municipals lag the progress made in other markets and it’s time to gain an advantage in this domain.

MBIS is a generator of real time data and municipal yield curves. The market relies heavily on a theoretical AAA curve that is supported by market intelligence. The MBIS yield curves are supported by real time actual trade data. Although a AAA curve is presented, the AA curve that is supported with actual trades done within each hour of the day has taken on more meaning and prominence.

With professional municipal investors being pummeled with a variety of yield curves and data, how do they sort through the clamor and find the most relevant and accurate market indicators? To take the partnership to the next step, the Bond Buyer Workstation was created to provide real time inquiry and feedback using MBIS high quality data inputs with a Bond Buyer front end.

Attendees will learn:

  • Who is MBIS & why did the Bond Buyer and MBIS create the Bond Buyer Workstation?
  • IOSCO principals for index providers and what they mean for municipal yield curves.
  • Yield curves exist already, what makes the MBIS yield curve data so unique?
  • What kind of data can be found on the Workstation and how might it be used?

Key Speakers

J. R. Rieger
Principal, Triangle Park Capital Markets Data
Stephen Winterstein
Chief Municipal Fixed Income Strategist, Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors, Inc.
John Hallacy
Contributing Editor at The Bond Buyer