11.19.20: Bond Election Results

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Results from recent bond elections.

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11.19.20: Bond election results
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020
Glendale Union HSD #205 $130,000,000
Construction and Renovating school buildings, Purchasing transportation vehicles, improving school grounds
Rio Verde Fire Dt $5,000,000
To build a new fire station and purchase a new fire truck
Calexico USD $47,000,000
Expand vocational school, repair school facilities, upgrade safety systems
California $5,500,000,000
For funding stem cell, other medical research, training and construction of research facilities
Cambrian SD $88,000,000
For school upgrades
Evergreen ESD $80,000,000
To increase student internet and computer access and emergency preparedness
Goleta Union SD $80,000,000
To modernize school facilities
Jefferson Union HSD $163,000,000
To improve student safety and campus security
Salida Union SD $9,240,000
To increase student internet and technology access and upgrade school facilities
San Jose Evergreen Comm Coll $858,000,000
To make facilities upgrade
Sausalito-Marin CSD $41,600,000
For capital repairs at district buildings
South Bay Union SD $5,000,000
Add classrooms and school buildings, upgrade existing facilities
Stanislaus USD $21,400,000
To upgrade school facilities
Sunnyside Union ESD $2,000,000
For upgrade school facilities
Washington USD $150,000,000
To upgrade school facilities
Winters Jt USD $19,000,000
To upgrade school facilities
Weld Co SD RE-5J $149,000,000
Construction of New High school, Converting High School to Middle school and making improvements to elementary schools
Boise Warm Springs Wtr Dt $3,142,000
To pay the costs of improvements to the geothermal water system of the district.
Pierce Rec Dt $300,000
replacing roof and repairing boiler system
Darien-Woodridge Fire Prot Dt $8,000,000
For replacement of existing fire equipment and refurbishment of facilities
Beech Grove Schs Bldg Corp $17,500,000
Fore renovation and improvements of community facilities and safety, security and efficiency projects
South Bend Comm Sch Corp $54,000,000
For school building restoration, renewal and safety projects
Adams County $38,000,000
For constructing, equipping and furnishing a new County Justice Center
Columbus $10,000,000
For constructing a community building to include library, children's museum, art gallery and community room
Gibbon $2,500,000
For constructing the municipal building improvements and renovations and additions to fire station
Hastings $12,500,000
For rebuilding the 16th Street Viaduct
Stapleton Public SD #0501 $2,900,000
For constructing additions and additions to the existing school building
Tekamah $3,800,000
To acquire, construct and equip recreational facilities to include a new municipal swimming pool
Corbett SD #39 $4,000,000
To construct, renovate, and improve district facilities
Perrydale SD #21 $3,035,000
To construct instructional spaces and multipurpose facilities and to improve security
South Wasco Co SD #1 $4,000,000
For constructing, remodeling and improving school facilities and technology and for safety and security improvements
Benjamin ISD $21,000,000
For constructing, acquiring and equipping school buildings
Block House MUD $3,150,000
Park and trail improvements
Bryan ISD $175,000,000
Construct a third intermediate school, auxiliary facility and other renovation
Caddo Mills ISD $90,000,000
For building a new high school, renovations and upgrades on other campuses.
Fate $3,250,000
For park
Grandview ISD $6,000,000
School building
Greenville $4,500,000
For permanent public improvements
Haltom City $20,000,000
Hays County $75,000,000
For new parks, protection of open spaces, and preservation of natural areas
Jim Ned Cons ISD $25,885,000
For school building
Jim Ned Cons ISD $7,810,000
Performing arts
Kyle $37,000,000
Construct and equip a public safety facility, police station and emergency center
Kyle $10,000,000
For constructing, improving and acquiring property for parks
Laguna Madre Wtr Dt $27,640,000
Water treatment, Water distribution and elevated storage tank improvements
Latexo ISD $5,000,000
For upgrading school building and gym
North Richland Hills $49,875,000
Street improvements
Roby Cons ISD $10,800,000
Construct and improve schools, security systems and technology equipment
Rotan ISD $15,000,000
For construction projects
Provo CSD BOE $80,000,000
To complete the construction of the first phase of Timpview High School and other upgrades
Kitsap Co Fire Prot Dt #7 $39,500,000
To upgrade fire stations, apparatus, and fire and life safety equipment bond
Delevan-Darien SD $6,500,000
Athletic facility upgrades and improvements to schools
Dodgeland SD $17,000,000
For improvements to school facilities, including library media center renovations
La Farge SD $5,500,000
Construct and improve school facilities, acquire and improve safety equipment
Sunday, Nov 08, 2020
Pine Plains (Town) $275,000
To purchase a new pumper for the fire department.
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020
Cajon Vly Union SD $125,000,000
For upgrading school facilities
Cold Spring ESD $7,800,000
To upgrade school facilities
Esparto USD $19,900,000
To update school facilities
Manteca USD $260,000,000
For safety needs and instructional space for existing students
Waterford USD $5,350,000
To upgrade school facilities
McCammon $1,100,000
To build new fire station
North Kootenai Wtr Dt $6,000,000
Cost of acquisition, construction and installation of certain additions and betterments of the District's water and sewer system
Portneuf Free Lib Dt $12,000,000
For financing the cost of acquiring, constructing and equipping a new library
Oshtemo Chtr Twp $10,000,000
To extend sanitary sewer service and road reconstruction
Hickman $4,900,000
For constructing and furnishing new recreational infrastructure
Woodstock Pub Lib $5,800,000
For demolition, construction, development of the library buildings
Harney Co SD #3 $15,000,000
To improve safety and security and to renovate school
Block House MUD $4,520,000
Public right of way and fence beautification improvements
Cumby ISD $6,200,000
Construction, acquisition, renovation and equipment of school buildings in the District and other facilities
Karnes City ISD $47,450,000
For school building and buses
Karnes City ISD $7,435,000
Karnes City ISD $115,000
For stadium.
Ponder ISD $75,000,000
For school building
Royal ISD $27,626,165
For additional classrooms, library renovations and facility upgrades and improvements, safety and security purposes.
Royal ISD $5,676,416
To rebuild the stadium
Royal ISD $4,000,000
For land purchase for school sites
Evansville $9,400,000
Construct an aquatic center, soccer fields, ball fields, improve playgrounds and trails
Richland SD $27,000,000
Construct and improve facilities including heating and cooling, acquire equipment
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020
Corsicana ISD $35,000,000
To Additions and renovations to an aging Corsicana High School
Lake Jackson $11,500,000
To provide funds for street and drainage improvements to Moss, Chestnut, Wisteria and Palm Lane
Lake Jackson $9,200,000
To provide funds for the expansion of City Hall
Lake Jackson $3,500,000
To provide funds for the construction of an Animal Control Facility and other improvements to the existing facilities
Lake Jackson $2,635,000
To provide funds for street and drainage improvements to Pine Oak, North Shady Oaks and Forest Oaks Lane & ADA ramps.
Lake Jackson $2,300,000
To provide funds for the renovation and expansion of the Police Department facilities
Lake Jackson $300,000
To provide funds for improvements to the flooring at the library
North Lamar ISD $29,980,000
Acquiring, constructing and equipping a new elementary campus and new intermediate campus.
North Lamar ISD $17,735,000
For school building improvements
North Lamar ISD $1,200,000
For acquiring buses
Sheldon ISD $438,800,000
For school building and security
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