About the Event

Gain Knowledge and Strategies to Face your Challenges in 2019 & Beyond

The National Municipal Bond Summit is the industry’s premier annual gathering offering the market’s leaders the opportunity to meet and network with senior issuers, state and federal officials, as well as transaction participants from across the country.

The focus of the meeting is to consider all of the trends and policy directions from a national perspective. The Mid-Term elections have changed the landscape in important ways that must be assessed in the mix. Attendees leave from the sessions equipped with knowledge and strategies to face the market’s challenges in 2019 and beyond. This unique conference serves as a catalyst for embracing the market challenges and for expressly providing valuable insights into some of the technical and technology aspects.

More than ever before, success in the municipal market in 2019 will rely on information, transparency, communication, structuring, and analysis. Join us for a vigorous and thought-provoking discussion... and a full slate of networking opportunities that is the hallmark of The Bond Buyer Conferences.