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Security risks are escalating, a reality that's changing the market's views on credit risk and disclosure.

Join Paul Burton and Lynne Funk Posner for a conversation with Jon Savage, President of The Cybersecurity Company, and Geoff Buswick, S&P Global's Managing Director and sector leader for governments, on this important issue — some say crisis — that state and local governments face.

Our panel will discuss the implications of these challenges from a municipal finance perspective and explore the ways that investors, rating agencies and other market participants are incorporating cyber risk into their credit evaluations.

Date and Time
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m. EST

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• From Baltimore to Vermont to Atlanta, cyber attacks on governments and their subsidiaries have been on the rise. What are some issuers doing to shield themselves?

• Attackers in some cases have sought, and received, ransom payments to release hacked systems – just a small part of the risk faced by municipalities. How can state and local governments reassess their budgets to mitigate the risk of emergency spending?

• What implications will rating agencies’ new focus on cyber threats have for municipal credit?

• Investors are also demanding better disclosure: How far should issuers go to add risk and security assessments into offering documents?

Lynne Posner B&W Headshot
Lynne Funk Posner, The Bond Buyer
Lynne is Innovation Editor at The Bond Buyer, where she is focused on uncovering and exploring the ideas and developments that are bringing rapid change to the industry. Lynne's work spans market, regulatory, political and technological shifts and their impact on deals and dealmakers alike.
Kyle Glazier B&W Headshot
Paul Burton, The Bond Buyer
Paul is the Northeast Regional Editor for The Bond Buyer. He has covered New York City and MTA finances, the Harrisburg debt crisis, the 38 Studios bond financing fiasco in Rhode Island, and unfunded pension liabilities.
Leslie Norwood Headshot
Geoffrey Buswick, S&P Global Ratings
Geoff focuses on developing research and educating the market about S&P Global’s approach to rating municipal entities and their views on emerging risks in the public finance sector. Geoff also serves as a committee chair for local government, transportation, public power as well as water and wastewater ratings.
John Savage Headshot
Jonathan D. Savage, The Cybersecurity Company LLC
Jon works with corporate and governmental entities and provides expertise on data breach, cybersecurity rules, regulations and laws, as well as procedures before, during and after the cyber loss or attack. He provides counsel to clients on local, federal and foreign jurisdictions.
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