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Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does. more »
The proposal doesn’t provide interpretive guidance many hoped for following the Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation initiative. more »
We bring you February DIVER Geo scores for overall economic health of states, counties, and cities and – in case you missed it – some interesting news and a quote around the Labor Department's Fiduciary Rule. more »
The U.S. infrastructure challenge does not suffer from a shortage of capital. The critical problem is finding added revenue sources to pay back that capital. more »
Issuers of revenue bonds are beginning to fully understand how interest rate risk works and how they are affected by rising interest rate risk. more »
The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board report on the timeliness of disclosure tells us that not much has changed for the better. We also look at those obligors that might be impacted should the Oroville Dam fail. more »
As we await details of the new administration’s infrastructure plans, we must continue to demonstrate the strengths of the tax-exempt municipal market that we have today. more »
Membership substitution transactions are the most common form of business combination transaction in the nonprofit hospital industry. They are also widely misunderstood and the source of many mistakes. more »
Unemployment and foreclosures warrant a closer look in geographic areas of concern. more »
President Trump, in promising massive transportation investments, did not mention what the fiscal impact would be on interest rates. Nor did he discuss the critical role of local and state governments in financing the nation’s public infrastructure. more »
Though the final Treasury Regulations were greeted as more palatable than versions proposed earlier, a deeper dive results in a list of questions that need to be considered. more »
The looming closure of the State and Local Government Series, or SLGS, window on March 15, when the debt ceiling suspension is set to expire, introduces new transaction risks that must be properly and prudently managed. more »
Factually flawed methodology utilized by the Joint Committee on Taxation poses a key challenge as the municipal market seeks to maintain full access to the tax exemption. more »

Jim Colby, Senior Municipal Strategist and author of the Muni Nation blog at VanEck, sits down with The Bond Buyer's John Hallacy to discuss all things ETF, the prospects of tax reform, infrastructure investment, and more.

Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does.

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