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Washington Bureau Chief

Lynn Hume has been Washington Bureau Chief for The Bond Buyer, the authority on the $3.7 trillion muni bond market, since 2007. Before that she was Regulatory Affairs Editor and a reporter for the paper, covering tax, securities and derivatives market practices, regulation, legislation and enforcement. For three years before joining The Bond Buyer, she was a staff investigator for the House Government Operations Committee’s subcommittee on energy and the environment, and dealt with such issues as U.S. oil emergency preparedness, the ban on Libyan oil products, regulation of mixed chemical and nuclear waste at federal defense facilities and federal oversight of nuclear fuels plants.

Lynn was a reporter for McGraw-Hill Publications for eight years prior to moving to Capitol Hill, covering energy, environmental and other issues for several of its newsletters, magazines and Business Week.

Recent Stories From this Author

Scott: IRS Should Go After Developer, Lawyers in DC Bond Deal
March 23, 2017 D.C. is appealing the IRS determination of taxability on its bonds while a former IRS official faults the developer and bond...

SEC Approves Shorter T+2 Settlement Cycle for Munis, Other Securities
March 22, 2017 The move to a shorter settlement cycle for munis of two instead of three business days after the trade date will take effect...

JCT's Flawed Analysis on Munis is Hurting Case for Tax-Exempts
March 20, 2017 George Friedlander explains why the Joint Committee on Taxation has it all wrong on munis.

Former SEC Muni Official Fierro Joins Bracewell
March 17, 2017 Ed Fierro has joined Bracewell after leaving the SEC’s Office of Municipal Securities.

What You Need to Know About Tax Reform and Infrastructure
March 16, 2017 As tax reform is uncertain, it's more important than ever to keep up the good fight for tax-exempt bonds.

CBO: AHCA Will Reduce Deficit, Raise Number of Uninsured
March 13, 2017 Republicans and Democrats both use CBO report to back their positions for and against repealing and replacing the ACA.

IRS Taxability Notice Sends Issuer Seeking Call Waiver, Federal Funds
March 13, 2017 The Baker Correctional Development Corp. is trying to get a waiver from a mandatory call and federal funds to refund bonds...

IRS Reorganizing Tax Exempt Bond Group in May
March 10, 2017 The tax exempt bond office will be combined with the office of Indian tribal governments and headed by the ITG director.

Bond Documents Being Revised for Issue Price Rules
March 9, 2017 Bond lawyer and dealer groups are drafting revisions to bond documents for market participants to begin using by June 7 when...

Rough Start for Votes on House Republican Health Care Bill
March 8, 2017 Democrats blast Republicans for jamming health care vote through two committees without the Congressional Budget Office report...

States, Localities, Health Care Providers Will Be Hurt by the AHCA
March 7, 2017 The American Health Care Act proposed by House Republicans could cause major budgetary problems for state and local...

Hatch Offers Measures to Kill State Savings Plans for Private Workers
March 7, 2017 Hatch wants to overturn federal rules that paved the way for state and local governments to set up retirement savings plans...

Dollar Volume of Muni Trades Last Year at $3.14T, Highest Since 2012
March 6, 2017 The dollar volume of municipal bond trading soared higher last year than in any year since 2012, the Municipal Securities...

SEC Proposal on Bank Loans May Be Far Reaching
March 3, 2017 The SEC’s proposal to obtain more information disclosures on bank loans, placements and other financing alternatives to...

MSRB Draft Rules Would Clarify CUSIPs Needed for Private Placements
March 1, 2017 The MSRB has draft amendments to its Rule G-34 on CUSIP numbers to clarify requirements and clear up misunderstandings.

SEC to Propose Issuer Disclosures on Bank Loans, Private Placements
March 1, 2017 SEC Commissioners gave the green light on Wednesday for the staff to propose two new amendments to Rule 15c2-12 that would...

Public Power Group Urges Lawmakers to Save Muni Tax Exemption
February 28, 2017 About 600 APPA members plan to meet with U.S. lawmakers to talk about the importance of preserving the tax exemption for...

DC Water's Mark Kim Joins MSRB as Deputy Executive Director and COO
February 28, 2017 Mark Kim from DC Water will become Lynnette Kelly's No. 2 at MSRB, while Lakshmi Kommi of the City of San Diego will replace...

Trump's Planned $54B Budget Cut for Non-Defense Funds Will Hurt States
February 27, 2017 Trump’s proposed budget “will emaciate public services and protections,” said the director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch...

Mnuchin Sees Tax Reform by August as Groups Press for Muni Tax Exemption
February 23, 2017 The administration wants tax reform to be passed by August, while hundreds of groups press lawmakers to preserve full muni tax...

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale tells how marijuana taxation and regulation could help the commonwealth shore up its budget. He also discusses audits by his office, unfunded pension liability and the effect of a Donald Trump presidency. Hosted by Paul Burton.

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