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Rebecca Harrigal to Become IRS' First Female Director of Tax-Exempt Bond Office
August 30, 2013 Rebecca Harrigal is set to become the first female director of the Internal Revenue Service's tax-exempt bond office in...

Tenn. Has Highest State and Local Sales Tax with 9.44%
August 28, 2013 Tennessee has the highest combined state and local rate of 9.44%, a Tax Foundation study said Wednesday.

Pension Costs Burden Local Government Budgets
August 26, 2013 Despite improving local revenue growth, severe budget challenges persist at the local level, namely the unsustainable nature...

Federal Government to Hit Debt Limit in Mid-October
August 26, 2013 The federal government will exhaust all of itís borrowing authority in mid-October and unlikely to pay all of its bills with...

IRS Auditing $196.94M of LA Bonds
August 23, 2013 The Internal Revenue Service is auditing $196.94 million of revenue refunding bonds issued by East Baton Rouge, La., sewage...

Public Pension Systemsí Investment Earnings Exceed Pre-Recession Peak for First Time
August 22, 2013 Public pension systems showed positive earnings on investments for the second consecutive year in 2011 and exceeded...

U.S. Virgin Islands to Pay IRS $13.6M in Settlement
August 22, 2013 The Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority will pay the Internal Revenue Service $13.6 million to settle a tax dispute over...

APPA Asks Congress to Rethink Limits on New CREBs
August 20, 2013 The American Public Power Association is urging lawmakers to reconsider limits placed on new clean renewable energy bonds and...

S&P: Tax-Exemption Threats Pose Credit Risks
August 19, 2013 Municipal issuers could experience a significant jump in borrowing costs and reduced access to the market if congressional and...

Texas Issuer May Pay IRS to Settle Dispute Over Jail Bonds
August 16, 2013 Six months after Zapata County, Texas received notification from the Internal Revenue Service, that $9.97 million of their...




A recent phenomenon is the emergence of bonds with shorter call protection as funding alternatives for municipalities. However, the shorter call protection also dampens the potential upside for investors, which in turn reduces the price they are willing to pay.

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