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Condado Vanderbilt Hotel Fully Reopens in Puerto Rico
December 17, 2014 The historic Condado Vanderbilt Hotel fully reopened in Puerto Rico on Dec. 17, opening the way to more than 300 employees to...

PREPA Releases Restructuring Progress Report
December 16, 2014 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has released a restructuring progress report that said PREPA is taking steps to...

PREPA Says "No Layoffs," But Little Else About Business Plan
December 15, 2014 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority said a recently completed business plan had no layoffs but declined to otherwise...

Puerto Rico General Fund Revenues 0.7% Short in November; SUT Up 9.5%
December 12, 2014 In November Puerto Rico General Fund revenues came in 0.7% short of budget, while the commonwealth's sales and use taxes came...

Governor Says He Will Sign Oil Tax Hike to Support the GDB and PRHTA
December 11, 2014 Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla announced that he will sign a bill to increase oil taxes to support the...

Radian Asset May be Sold; Assured and MBIA May Be Looking
December 10, 2014 Radian Group Inc. is seeking to sell bond insurer Radian Asset and Assured Guaranty or MBIA may turn out to be the buyer.

Puerto Rico Governor to Evaluate Oil Tax Bill
December 9, 2014 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla has not yet decided whether he will sign oil tax rise legislation approved by the...

PRASA Net Revenues Came in 6.7% Ahead of Budget
December 5, 2014 Net revenues of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority came in 6.7% ahead of budget in the first quarter of fiscal 2015.

Puerto Rico Senate Approves Oil Tax Hike
December 4, 2014 Puerto Rico's Senate approved tax hikes on imported oil Wednesday evening, taking Puerto Rico another step towards issuing a...

FBI Arrests PRHTA Treasurer; House Passes PRHTA Revenue Measure
December 3, 2014 On Wednesday morning the FBI arrested an official in the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority.

As it steps up its efforts to police the municipal securities market, the regulator is turning to potentially career ending sanctions for municipal officials.

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