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Robert Slavin leads The Bond Buyer’s coverage of Puerto Rico, focusing on government finances and debt, and additionally contributes to the Markets team, covering stories of broad relevance to the municipal bond industry. He is an award-winning journalist with over eight years of experience covering local and state-level governments and government finance, and also has worked as a statistical analyst. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Harvard College, Harvard University, a master’s degree in social research from CUNY and a second master’s degree in modern European history from Rutgers University.

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Puerto Rico Invokes Moratorium Act for GO and other Bonds
June 30, 2016 Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla late Thursday invoked Puerto Rico’s Moratorium Act on the payment of general obligation bonds...

Obama Signs PROMESA, Starting Long Process for Puerto Rico
June 30, 2016 President Obama signed the Puerto Rico relief bill Thursday, paving the way for the appointment of an oversight board and the...

PREPA Borrows $264 Million to Avoid Friday Default
June 30, 2016 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority announced that it was borrowing $264 million to avoid a default on Friday.

PREPA Working on Agreement for July 1 Payment
June 29, 2016 As of Wednesday afternoon the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority was in talks about Friday's debt payment.

Puerto Rican Leaders Debate How Much to Budget for Debt Service
June 28, 2016 Puerto Rican legislative leaders are debating how much the government should allocate to debt service versus other needs in...

Puerto Rico Extends Moratorium to PRIFA BANs
June 27, 2016 Puerto Rico said it would not be paying bond anticipation notes from the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Finance Authority.

Puerto Rico Energy Commission Approves Rate Increase
June 27, 2016 The Puerto Rico Energy Commission approved a provisional 1.3 cents per kilowatt-hour increase in Puerto Rico Electric Power...

PRASA Bond Bill Debate Degenerates Into Verbal Brawl
June 24, 2016 A debate about a bill to help the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority sell a bond has degenerated into angry exchanges...

Puerto Rico Energy Commission Approves Mechanism for PREPA Debt
June 21, 2016 The Puerto Rico Energy Commission approved a mechanism to support the restructuring of the debt of the Puerto Rico Electric...

Puerto Rico GO Holders Launch Suit After Talks Break Down
June 21, 2016 Hedge funds holding Puerto Rican general obligation bonds sued the commonwealth Tuesday after debt restructuring talks broke...

Puerto Rico Sets Up Registry to Foster Communication With all Bondholders
June 16, 2016 Puerto Rico set up a registry of investors to foster two-way communication with all of its bondholders, making it easier for...

Bond Insurer Sues Puerto Rico to Stop Debt Moratorium
June 15, 2016 National Public Finance Guarantee sued Puerto Rico Wednesday to overturn the commonwealth's debt moratorium law.

Puerto Rico Senate Passes PRASA Bond Bill
June 14, 2016 Puerto Rico's Senate passed a bill to help the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority sell bonds, following passage by the...

Puerto Rico Legislature Poised to Pass PRASA Bond Bill
June 13, 2016 Puerto Rico’s legislature may be poised to pass a bill to help the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority sell as much as...

Why Puerto Rico Control Board's Tenure Won’t Be 'Honeymoony'
June 13, 2016 Political opposition to a federal control board in Puerto Rico may make its operations difficult.

Supreme Court Says Puerto Rico Has Limited Sovereignty
June 9, 2016 In a decision on Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Puerto Rico enjoys most types of sovereignty but not a type...

Puerto Rico's Melba Acosta Febo Explains Debt Plans
June 7, 2016 Puerto Rico chief financial officer Melba Acosta Febo said Puerto Rico may pay some, but probably not all, of the...

Puerto Rico Primary Winner Favors More Aggressive Bid for Statehood
June 6, 2016 Observers of Puerto Rico politics say that Ricardo Rosselló Nevares’ win in Sunday’s gubernatorial primary was a victory for a...

Puerto Rico's Main Pension System Funding Vanishes
June 3, 2016 Puerto Rico’s main employee retirement system slipped to a 0.27% funded ratio in the most recent audited statement and has...

Commission Says Much of Puerto Rico's Debt May be Illegal
June 2, 2016 A government-appointed commission is suggesting that much of Puerto Rico’s debt may have been sold illegally.

Carl Weisbrod, Director of the New York City Department of City Planning, joins Bond Buyer Senior Markets Reporter Chip Barnett to talk about the surge in NYC’s population and corresponding employment growth and why economic growth is dependent upon affordable housing for workers.

Municipalities buy insurance to obtain a higher credit rating for a bond issue and a commensurately lower borrowing cost. The savings arise from a lower coupon or, if the coupon is fixed, a higher price. But how can municipalities make sure that bond insurance makes economic sense for them? The answer is to pay close attention to the costs and benefits.

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