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Puerto Rico Tax Passage Brings More Work
May 22, 2015 The Puerto Rico’s House of Representative’s passage of a more than 50% increase in consumption taxes Thursday was just the...

Puerto Rico Proposed Budget Covers Most Debt
May 21, 2015 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla proposed a budget that covers the commonwealth’s increasing external debts but not...

Puerto Rico Warns of Medicare Cuts Impact on Economy
May 21, 2015 The Puerto Rico government and a healthcare coalition are lobbying to prevent cuts in healthcare spending that they say would...

Pension Cloud May Cast a Long Shadow for Munis
May 20, 2015 Municipal credit prospects may be clouded for the next several years by underfunded pension obligations and a possible uptick...

PREPA's Banks Hold the Key
May 19, 2015 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s banks may hold the upper hand among creditors even though they are owed less than...

Puerto Rico Leaders Reach Major Tax and Spending Pact
May 15, 2015 Puerto Rico’s leaders reached a major tax and spending pact Friday morning that would achieve a balanced budget but may hurt...

Puerto Rico Economic Index Rises for a Third Month
May 13, 2015 Puerto Rico’s economic activity index was up for the third consecutive month in March.

Puerto Rico Governor Makes New Tax and Spending Proposal
May 12, 2015 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla is promoting a revised tax and spending proposal to handle a looming budget gap in...

Puerto Rico's April Revenues Are 6.8% Short
May 11, 2015 Puerto Rico's General Fund April revenues came in 6.8% short of budget.

Puerto Rico's Latest Financial Report is More Ominous
May 8, 2015 Puerto Rico’s just released quarterly financial report was more ominous than its previous ones.

Politics, public policy and public interest are the fundamental building blocks for public private partnerships in infrastructure.

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