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Puerto Rico House May Kill PREPA Restructuring Deal
February 12, 2016 A deal to restructure the debt of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority may fall apart due to a lack of Puerto Rico...

Puerto Rico to Release Draft Audited Statement Before Tuesday
February 12, 2016 Puerto Rico will release a draft of its comprehensive annual financial report for fiscal year 2014 on Sunday or Monday.

Puerto Rico Touts PREPA Reform to Investors
February 11, 2016 Puerto Rico’s reform of PREPA is an example of how it is making positive structural reforms, Gov. García Padilla said.

Puerto Rico Senate to Vote Today on Bondholders' Desired Energy Legislation
February 10, 2016 The Puerto Rico Senate was expected to vote Wednesday on energy legislation that Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority...

Moody's Downgraded Par Exceeded Upgraded Par in 2015
February 9, 2016 Moody’s Investor’s Service downgraded more par value than it upgraded in 2015.

Puerto Rico Think Tank Touts Alternative to Federal Control Board
February 8, 2016 There is a better way for bringing fiscal stability to Puerto Rico than a Federal control board, the Puerto Rico think tank...

Puerto Rico Economic Activity Declines
February 8, 2016 Puerto Rico's economic activity index declined by 0.6% in December from November.

Analysts Pan Puerto Rico Restructuring Proposal
February 3, 2016 Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring proposal got a cold reception from analysts, with some saying it failed to even provide a...

PRASA Endorses Securitization Proposal
February 2, 2016 The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority is seeking a new public corporation to sell its bonds.

Puerto Rico Offers Debt Exchange
January 29, 2016 Puerto Rico’s government offered a voluntary debt exchange to bondholders Friday in a meeting in New York City.

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Gerrard Bushell, the new CEO and president for the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, outlines his goals for one of the nation's leading municipal bond issuers with northeast regional reporter Andrew Coen.

While the SEC's MCDC Initiative has provided some clarity with regard to materiality and confirmed that the reasonable diligence standard of Rule 15c2-12 applies to both negotiated and competitive deals, no clarity has been offered with regard to the extent of the reasonable diligence obligations of those participating in competitive deals, as co-managers, syndicate members or selling dealers. ...

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