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Robert Slavin leads The Bond Buyer’s coverage of Puerto Rico, focusing on government finances and debt, and additionally contributes to the Markets team, covering stories of broad relevance to the municipal bond industry. He is an award-winning journalist with over eight years of experience covering local and state-level governments and government finance, and also has worked as a statistical analyst. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Harvard College, Harvard University, a master’s degree in social research from CUNY and a second master’s degree in modern European history from Rutgers University.

Recent Stories From this Author

Puerto Rico Budget Plan Stirs Concerns With 86% Cut in Debt Service
May 24, 2016 Analysts said the minimal allotment to debt service and a lack of other spending cuts add fuel to the argument that an outside...

PREPA Intends to Increase Rates by 4.3 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour
May 24, 2016 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority intends to increase rates by 4.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, it announced Tuesday.

P.R. Gov. Proposes Budget With 86% less for Debt Service
May 23, 2016 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla is proposing a budget for the coming fiscal year with 86% less money allocated to...

Hedge Funds Reactivate Suit Against GDB, Puerto Rico
May 23, 2016 Hedge funds holding more than $750 million of the debt of Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank revived a lawsuit,...

Creditors Lend PREPA $55 Million
May 20, 2016 In another step forward in a nearly two-year old negotiated restructuring process, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s...

Puerto Rico April Employment Report is Mixed
May 20, 2016 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reports on April employment in Puerto Rico were mixed.

Feds to Help With 752 Puerto Rico Housing Units
May 19, 2016 The federal government announced plans today to help build and rehabilitate 752 housing units in Puerto Rico.

How Slow Growth Battered State Credit Outlooks
May 19, 2016 An unusually weak economic recovery is putting the credit ratings of an increasing number of states in jeopardy.

Puerto Rico Sets Default Record With HTA Bond Action
May 18, 2016 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla froze the transfer of revenues from the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation...

Puerto Rico's Biggest Revenue Month Came in 6.3% Above Expectations
May 16, 2016 Puerto Rico’s revenues for April, the general fund’s most lucrative month, came in 6.3% higher than projected.

Why Puerto Rico's Credit Unions Are the Latest Debt Crisis Flash Point
May 11, 2016 Puerto Rico economists are concerned credit unions, which provide financial services to more than a third of the island's...

Ambac Sues Puerto Rico Highway Authority
May 11, 2016 Ambac Assurance Corp. sued the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority to prevent what the insurer called improper...

PREPA Demands $111 million from Ad Hoc Bondholders by Friday
May 10, 2016 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority demanded Tuesday that its negotiating bondholders lend it $111 million by the end of...

PREPA Bondholders Offer to Put Money for Bonds into Escrow
May 10, 2016 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Bondholder Group is offering to advance their arrangements with PREPA through putting...

Puerto Rico Freezes Payment on PRIFA Bond
May 4, 2016 Puerto Rico has declared a moratorium on payments on an additional Puerto Rico Infrastructure Finance Authority bond issue.

Puerto Rico Legislature Nixes VAT Tax, Approves PRASA Securitization Bill
May 3, 2016 Puerto Rico’s legislature rejected the roll-out of a value added tax and approved a measure aimed at helping the Puerto Rico...

Puerto Rico GDB Implements Principal Moratorium
May 2, 2016 Puerto Rico imposed a moratorium on Government Development Bank principal payments Monday while also announcing two...

Puerto Rico Governor's Allies Turn Against Approved Tax Changes
April 28, 2016 Allies of Puerto Rico Gov. Alexandro García Padilla have turned against an already approved increase in a business-to-business...

Puerto Rico GO, COFINA Exemption Isn’t Dead Yet
April 27, 2016 The Puerto Rico Senate may still vote to exempt guaranteed and trust debt from a debt payment moratorium.

Puerto Rico GDB Seeks 47% Haircut for Bondholders
April 27, 2016 A haircut of up to 47% is being negotiated between the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico and holders of some of its...

Daniel Berger, Senior Market Strategist at Municipal Market Data, talks about the recent rally in municipal bonds which has brought long-term yields down to record lows. He talks about continuing demand from retail investors in light of the upcoming Summer redemption season and he discusses the allure that the American tax-exempt market has for overseas buyers. He outlines the recent spread compression in quality credits and also looks at some of the market's outliers -- Puerto Rico and Chicago.

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