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Robert Slavin leads The Bond Buyer’s coverage of Puerto Rico, focusing on government finances and debt, and additionally contributes to the Markets team, covering stories of broad relevance to the municipal bond industry. He is an award-winning journalist with over eight years of experience covering local and state-level governments and government finance, and also has worked as a statistical analyst. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Harvard College, Harvard University, a master’s degree in social research from CUNY and a second master’s degree in modern European history from Rutgers University.

Recent Stories From this Author

Puerto Rico Gets Negative September Employment Report
October 21, 2016 Puerto Rico employment levels declined in September from August, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Muni Analysts Don't Accept Puerto Rico's Bleak Picture
October 20, 2016 Municipal analysts reject Puerto Rico's claim it can't pay any debt service in the next 10 years without federal help.

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Seeks Fiscal Plans from Public Entities
October 18, 2016 The Puerto Rico Oversight Board directed six of the island’s public entities to develop and present fiscal plans.

Puerto Rico Oversight Board May Intervene in Bond Suits
October 17, 2016 The Puerto Rico Oversight Board is considering filing briefs in four Puerto Rico bond suits.

Puerto Rico Says It Has $0 for Bondholders Without Federal Help
October 14, 2016 Puerto Rico told the Puerto Rico Oversight Board it would have $0 to pay for debt service in the next 10 years unless the...

Puerto Rico Gov. to Present 10-Year Plan to Board
October 13, 2016 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla plans to present a 10 year fiscal plan to the Oversight Board at its second meeting...

Puerto Rico Court Rulings Favor Bondholders
October 12, 2016 Puerto Rico bondholders have reason to be optimistic about overturning the island's debt payment moratorium in court, based on...

Former Puerto Rico Officials Found Guilty of Corruption
October 7, 2016 Three former Puerto Rican officials and another defendant were found guilty of various charges of government corruption Friday.

SEC is Investigating PREPA's 2012 and 2013 Bonds
October 6, 2016 The SEC has given a subpoena concerning the 2012 and 2013 bonds to PREPA, which is cooperating in the investigation, the power...

Puerto Rico Gov. Tells Oversight Board Austerity Won't Help
October 5, 2016 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla told the Oversight Board that his government has already taken extensive austerity...

Puerto Rico Economic Activity Index Rises for Second Month
October 4, 2016 Puerto Rico’s economic activity index rose 0.2% in August from July, its second straight month-over-month increase.

Puerto Rico Commission Raises Red Flags on PREPA's 2013 Bond
October 3, 2016 A Puerto Rico government commission report raised concerns over debt-service coverage, illegalities, disclosures and...

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Names Carrión Chairman
September 30, 2016 The Puerto Rico Oversight Board, at an initial meeting that was interrupted by protests, named José Carrion III chairman and...

PREPA to Argue for Aguirre Offshore Gasport
September 29, 2016 The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority will attempt change the mind of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission concerning the...

Groups Plan to Derail Puerto Rico Oversight Board Meeting
September 28, 2016 Groups opposed to the Puerto Rico Oversight Board plan to try to prevent its first meeting on Friday in New York City.

Energy Commission Issues 5-Year Plan for PREPA
September 27, 2016 The Puerto Rico Energy Commission issued a five year plan for the island’s power authority, saying the utility had failed to...

Virgin Islands Senate Cuts Bond by 42%
September 26, 2016 The U.S. Virgin Islands Senate has cut the size of a proposed bond by 42%.

Puerto Rico Electrical Service Improves
September 23, 2016 Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla said Friday morning that as of 6 a.m. 75% of Puerto Rican customers had electrical...

Virgin Islands Plans to Raise Taxes in Advance of $426M Bond
September 23, 2016 The U.S. Virgin Islands government is seeking approval of tax raises and spending cuts in advance of a planned $426 million...

Why Puerto Rico Power Outage May Hurt Bondholders
September 22, 2016 Puerto Rico’s power outage may signal a need for greater investment in electric infrastructure, hurting returns for Puerto...

James Colby, Senior Municipal Strategist and author of the Muni Nation blog at Van Eck, stopped by The Bond Buyer recently to chat with Senior Markets Reporter Chip Barnett about municipal market performance. He also discussed the stability of munis versus other asset classes, muni bond fund inflows versus money market fund outflows, muni exchange traded funds, and what to expect in the last quarter the year.

The SEC's MCDC initiative is causing many municipal issuers and underwriters to change the way they do things.

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