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Keeley Webster is the regional editor for The Bond Buyer’s nine-state Far West Region. Keeley started at the paper in August 2011 as a reporter covering the nexus of public finance and politics in the West Coast region. She tracks debt sold by state and local issuers to pay for schools, roads, rail and bridges – and more unique financings such as funding for Los Angeles’ Oscars museum. She also writes about state legislative changes such as California’s restrictions on capital appreciation bond issuance, the fallout from the dissolution of the Golden State’s redevelopment agencies, municipal bankruptcies and pension struggles. Prior to The Bond Buyer, she wrote about commercial real estate for the award-winning California Real Estate Journal until the paper folded. She moved into business reporting in 2000, but has covered politics, cops, courts, education and environmental issues for newspapers in seven different states. She has also earned several awards for her work, including an Associated Press award for in-depth reporting.

Recent Stories From this Author

Finish Line in Sight for San Bernardino Bankruptcy
April 28, 2016 San Bernardino is on track to exit bankruptcy by the end of the year, City Attorney Gary Saenz said.

After Bankruptcies, Murky Future for California POBs
April 28, 2016 The future of pension obligation bonds remains cloudy in California in the wake of the haircuts imposed on their holders in...

Hawaii Taps Kaiser Permanente to Run Maui Hospitals
April 26, 2016 Hawaii signed a lease agreement with Kaiser Permanente in which the health system will take over three struggling Maui...

California Seen Among States Least Prepared for Recession
April 22, 2016 California is the least prepared to weather a recession of the four most populous states, according to a Moody’s Investors...

California Reports $195M in Refunding Savings
April 21, 2016 California achieved $195 million in net present value savings on a $1.5 billion competitive sale that included a sizeable...

Bill Would Facilitate Pension Fund Investments in California Infrastructure
April 21, 2016 A California bill that would encourage the state’s two big public pension funds to invest in state infrastructure was approved...

Long Beach Closes on Financing for Civic Center P3
April 21, 2016 Long Beach, Calif. closed Wednesday on $513 million in financing on a public-private partnership for a new city hall, port...

SANDAG Plans Summer Bond Issue
April 20, 2016 The San Diego Association of Governments plans a bond sale in mid-July.

California March Revenues Off Projections
April 20, 2016 California’s Department of Finance reported that March revenues came in $170 million below the $7.6 billion projected in the...

Turnaround Prompts Upgrade for California School District
April 19, 2016 San Ysidro School District, once on the verge of a state takeover, had its certificates of participation boosted to investment...

San Diego Posts Seven Years of Budget Data Online
April 19, 2016 San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer uploaded seven years of the city’s budget information into an online tool to make it easier to...

Fitch Updates Criteria For State and Local Credits
April 18, 2016 Fitch released revised criteria about how it rates tax-supported state and local government credits.

Orange County, Calif., CFDs May Issue Dirt Bonds Annually
April 15, 2016 Orange County, Calif., anticipates forming community facilities districts each year over the coming decade that would issue...

Orange County Reentering Market as Bankruptcy Saga Ends
April 14, 2016 As Orange County, Calif., approaches the end of debt service payments related to its 1994 bankruptcy, it is lining up its...

San Diego City Attorney Threatens to Block Convention Center Initiative
April 13, 2016 San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said he might file a lawsuit to keep the initiative off November’s ballot, possibly...

California Beats Revenue Projections in March
April 12, 2016 California reported $7.4 billion of revenue in March, outstripping projections in the proposed budget released in January by 3%.

San Bernardino to Fill Finance Director Position
April 11, 2016 San Bernardino has chosen a new finance director after more than a year of vacancy in the position.

El Nino Hasn't Lifted Burden for California Water Utilities
April 8, 2016 Rainfall wasn’t enough to alleviate credit pressure on California water utilities, according to rating agencies.

Mixed Rating Messages Ahead of a Massive Junk Bond Deal
April 8, 2016 Loma Linda University Medical Center received mixed messages from two rating agencies as it prepares what will be the...

Idaho Boosts School Funding To Highest Level Ever
April 8, 2016 Idaho's recent increase in education funding should boost the credit quality of the state's schools, according to a Moody’s...

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Brian Fraser, co-chair of the litigation department at Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP, examines the challenges of distinguishing a loan from a bond and a loan from a security, in a chat with Bond Buyer northeast regional editor Paul Burton.

Worst case, to-maturity debt service calculations that ignore the issuer's optional redemption feature lead to flatly wrong calculations for critical items like expected capital cost, refunding savings, and simple, basic principal and interest payments.

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