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Muni Calendar Shows Slow Growth
January 26, 2014 Municipal bond issuance will stay light in the coming week, rising to $4.89 billion, as the calendar offers little to sate...

Muni Bond Funds Mark a Second Straight Week of Inflows
January 23, 2014 Inflows to municipal bond mutual funds continued for a second straight week, at just $86 million, for the week ended Jan. 22.

Market Close: Muni Market Welcomes New Issues; Puerto Rico Stable
January 22, 2014 A robust municipal bond market continued on its upward trajectory, comfortably absorbing new issues and driving prices higher.

Market Post: Muni Yields Firm as Hunger for Paper Grows
January 22, 2014 Municipal market investors, laden with cash, are driving yields lower Wednesday as activity has accelerated in both the...

Market Post: Munis Adopt Neutral Tone Early
January 22, 2014 Municipal bond yields have stalled so far Wednesday morning in the face of light activity.

Market Close: East Coast Snowstorm Trumps Midday Muni Demand
January 21, 2014 The blizzard that slammed into the east coast Tuesday managed to squelch a budding rally in the municipal bond market.

Market Post: Muni Market Has Yet to Start its Engine
January 21, 2014 Light activity and few buy orders have held municipal bond levels in place to start Tuesday's session.

Market Post: Pressure from Longer Bonds Start to Drag Yields
January 21, 2014 Some trading in maturities at the long end of the municipal bond yield curve has given the market a somewhat stronger tone as...

Munis Demand Higher and Ratios Richer in 2014, Loop Capital Markets Says
January 17, 2014 Municipal bond demand should increase in 2014 in an environment of expected higher interest rates, improved economic growth,...

Money Flows into Muni Bond Funds for First Time Since May
January 16, 2014 In another sign of the improving tenor of the municipal bond market, muni mutual funds recorded their first inflows in 34...

Market Post: Muni Yields Start to Slip as Pause from Rally Continues
January 15, 2014 The municipal market secondary has quieted as managers of the week's largest deal held a second retail order period.

Market Close: Muni Yields Stagger for a Second Day
January 15, 2014 Trading flows in the municipal bond secondary market accelerated as Wednesday's session progressed, but tax-exempt yields...

Market Post: Munis Hold Levels on Modest Trading Flow
January 15, 2014 Wednesday's session opened with moderate trading in the municipal bond market, giving it a solid tone.

Market Close: Munis Stable as New Issues Grab the Spotlight
January 14, 2014 The municipal market steadied through the arrival of some of the week's deals, including the retail pricing of its largest.

Market Post: Muni Yields Float as Deals Arrive
January 14, 2014 A stable municipal market crossed into the afternoon with the arrival of some of the week's larger deals.

Market Post: Munis Open Flat, Even as They Maintain Firm Tenor
January 14, 2014 The municipal market opened Tuesday mostly flat, marked by moderate trading and few sellers.

Market Close: Tax-Exempts Push Rally Into a Sixth Day
January 13, 2014 Municipal bond yields pushed lower Monday amid moderate trading in the secondary, a sixth day of gains.

Market Post: Muni Yields Push Lower, Awaiting Supply
January 13, 2014 The municipal bond market has continued on its course Monday, with yields firming beyond the front end of the curve.

Market Post: Prices Rising Amid Low Supply of Munis
January 13, 2014 A municipal market that traders describe as quietly firm awaits the arrival of the week's new-issue calendar.

Munis Richer, But Still at Fair Value
January 10, 2014 Municipal bonds remain attractive even after their divergence from Treasuries this past week, industry watchers say,...

Jim Colby, Senior Municipal Strategist and author of the Muni Nation blog at VanEck, sits down with The Bond Buyer's John Hallacy to discuss all things ETF, the prospects of tax reform, infrastructure investment, and more.

Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does.

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