Gregg Bienstock

chief executive officer

Gregg Bienstock is chief executive officer and co-founder of Lumesis Inc.

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Is It Really a Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Rule?
March 8, 2017 We bring you February DIVER Geo scores for overall economic health of states, counties, and cities and in case you missed it...

Timing Is Everything or Not Much at All
February 22, 2017 The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board report on the timeliness of disclosure tells us that not much has changed for the...

What Drove Local Economies in January?
February 8, 2017 Unemployment and foreclosures warrant a closer look in geographic areas of concern.

Employment and Population: Real or Alternative Facts?
January 31, 2017 With so much attention on job growth from both the outgoing and new administrations, we take a look at what the data, through...

SEC Turns Focus to Underwriters, Issuers
January 5, 2017 While the Securities and Exchange Commission's Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation initiative may be done, it...

Time of Trade Disclosure: Potential Exposures That Many Have Not Considered
December 21, 2016 We take a deeper look at material information that is reasonably accessible that should be disclosed at or before the time of...

Maybe the Economy Does Matter
December 6, 2016 Among the more influential swing states, Trump claimed Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida all states with low Geo...

Puppets and Infrastructure
November 1, 2016 The only two things that Presidential candidates seem to agree on are that their opponent is a puppet of Russian President...

Hurricane Matthew, Political Rhetoric, Exports and the Economy
October 19, 2016 This week we cover two quite different topics, starting with the most recent FEMA data regarding Hurricane Matthew. Then, in...

Municipal Advisor and Issuer Needs Post MCDC
October 12, 2016 The SEC's MCDC initiative is causing many municipal issuers and underwriters to change the way they do things.

Disclosure and Diligence: Some Questions Remain Unanswered
July 28, 2016 Not enough has been done to provide municipal issuers, obligated parties and underwriters the clarity sought and needed by the...

How might infrastructure initiatives from President Trump affect state and municipal issuers, and the capital markets? John Hallacy and Paul Burton discuss.

In many ways, if Puerto Rico is a cup of coffee, the USVI is a shot of espresso.

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