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Illinois GO Sale Leads $7.48 Billion Slate
April 19, 2014 New issuance of more than $7 billion is expected to arrive in the primary this week, as Illinois tests the market's appetite...

Muni Money Funds Drop $3.67 Billion
April 17, 2014 Tax-exempt money market funds reported losses of $3.67 billion in the week ended April 14 as total net assets fell to $266.72...

Retirement Services Giant TIAA-CREF Acquires Nuveen Investments
April 14, 2014 To grow and expand its platform of services, retirement and financial services provider TIAA-CREF has acquired Nuveen...

N.C. Deal Tops Another Paltry Calendar
April 13, 2014 With volume expected to return to its recent paltry levels this week, the municipal market will look to a $321 million sale of...

Muni Money Funds Expand by $1.58 Billion
April 10, 2014 Tax-exempt money market funds increased total net assets by $1.58 billion to $270.38 billion in the week ended April 7,...

Safety First -- Muni Experts Take Conservative Approach To Wealth Management
April 8, 2014 While Detroit and Puerto Rico make the headlines, a cautious and conservative approach is the best bet, according to two...

Volume Edges Up as N.Y. Deals Dominate $5.38 Billion Calendar
April 6, 2014 An uptick in volume this week will bring a handful of sizable deals to the primary market, but won't be enough to relieve the...

Muni Money Funds Fall By $1.48 Billion
April 3, 2014 Tax-exempt money market funds had outflows of another $1.48 billion as total net assets dipped to $268.81 billion in the week...

Scant Volume Welcomes Second Quarter
March 30, 2014 The second quarter will begin as the first quarter ended, with volume this week on the sparse side. Ipreo LLC and The Bond...

More Outflows for Muni Money Funds
March 27, 2014 Continuing a recent pattern, $195 million trickled out of tax-exempt money market funds as total net assetsdipped to $270.29...




A recent phenomenon is the emergence of bonds with shorter call protection as funding alternatives for municipalities. However, the shorter call protection also dampens the potential upside for investors, which in turn reduces the price they are willing to pay.

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