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Why Fuel Efficiency Threatens Highway Funding
July 25, 2016 Gas tax collections dedicated to highway projects are expected to drop as cars become more fuel-efficient.

Fitch Sees Stable Rating Trend for Ports
July 24, 2016 Some U.S. seaport ratings may change over next year but Fitch Ratings expects a mostly stable sector.

How GOP and Democratic Platforms Will Differ on Infrastructure
July 21, 2016 The Republican 2016 party platform calls for an end to 30 years of federal funding for public transit.

Regulators Reject Federal Oversight of Texas HSR Project
July 19, 2016 DALLAS -- Opponents of a privately financed, $10 billion high-speed rail system in Texas scored a victory when the federal...

Why More Federal Freight Funding is Good News for Ports
July 18, 2016 Increased federal funding for freight-related infrastructure is a credit positive for U.S. ports, Moody's says.

P3s Seen as Prime Mover for High-Speed Rail
July 15, 2016 Public-private partnerships could be the answer for reviving stalled high-speed rail efforts.

How One Group Would Increase Federal Funds for Infrastructure
July 14, 2016 An additional $500 billion of federal funding for public infrastructure over the next 10 years would stimulate the U.S....

How the Army Corps of Engineers Is Entering the P3 Market
July 13, 2016 A $2 billion flood diversion project in North Dakota and Minnesota is the first P3 for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Why Austin is Going Big on its Transportation Bond Plan
July 12, 2016 Austin, Texas, City Council adopts mayor’s proposal for a GO bond referendum on his $720 million Go Big transportation plan.

Why is California Testing If VMT Road Fees Can Replace Gas Tax?
July 11, 2016 Thousands of California motorists are participating in nine-month VMT pilot program to test a replacement for the state's...

Transportation Sales Tax Goes to Silicon Valley Voters
July 8, 2016 Santa Clara County, Calif.’s $6.5 billion sales tax plan to fund road and rail projects has been put on November ballot.

Denver Airport Picks Partner to Negotiate P3 Terminal Project
July 7, 2016 Denver International Airport is negotiating with an international P3 group for renovation of its passenger terminal.

Almost $800M of Federal Grants to Fund 18 Bottleneck Buster Projects
July 6, 2016 Federal FASTLANE grants totaling $800 million go to 18 road and rail projects aimed at easing congestion.

Top State Lawyer: Delay Could Derail $5.6 Billion Purple Line P3 Project
July 5, 2016 A proposed six-month delay in construction of Purple Line could jeopardize P3 project, Maryland official says.

How States Are Changing Gasoline Taxes for Fiscal 2017
July 1, 2016 Gas taxes rose in Maryland and Washington with the beginning of fiscal 2017, while they dropped in three other states.

Virginia Seeks $200 Million Grant for $1.4 Billion Road-Rail Plan
June 30, 2016 Virginia is seeking a $200 million federal grant to help fund its $1.4 billion Atlantic Gateway mobility effort.

Why the Interstate System Needs More Investment
June 28, 2016 Interstate highway system is deteriorating due to low level of investment as traffic congestion increases.

Columbus, Ohio, Takes Top Spot in Smart City Transportation Race
June 23, 2016 Columbus, Ohio selected as national testing ground for smart transportation technology.

Federal Funding Assured for DFW Rail Link
June 22, 2016 Sponsors of a $1 billion rail line in north Texas said more than $535 million of federal funding is on the way.

MassDOT's $15 Billion Spending Plan Focused on Transit Reliability
June 21, 2016 Much of the funding in Massachusetts’ new five-year, $14.8 billion capital plan goes to transit infrastructure upgrades.

Natalie Cohen, Managing Director at Wells Fargo Securities, talks with The Bond Buyer’s Chip Barnett about the global attractiveness of U.S. municipal bonds in a negative interest rate environment in Europe and Asia. She discusses market volatility after the U.K. Brexit vote, looking at both the market side and the effect on state and local governments and public pensions.

In the past 3½ years, the Securities and Exchange Commission has asserted its enforcement role considerably, in what can fairly be described as a form of direct regulation of issuers.

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