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Recount: Denham Wants New Vote on California Rail Bonds
August 29, 2016 Congressional critic of California's $9 billion of state bonds for high-speed rail wants to repurpose the funding.

Voters Don't Punish Lawmakers for Gas Tax Increases
August 26, 2016 Almost all the state legislators who voted for a higher state gasoline tax last year won their 2016 primary races, according...

Feds, Maryland A.G. Slam 'Manifest Injustice' of Purple Line Halt
August 25, 2016 Maryland and Federal Transit Administration officials want a federal judge to restore funding for the $5.6 billion Purple Line...

Sticker Shock: Cost Overruns May Sway Seattle Transit Voters
August 24, 2016 Significant cost overruns on an earlier light-rail program may affect November vote on Seattle’s $54 billion transit proposal.

TRIP: Underfunded Roads Threaten California's Economy
August 23, 2016 More infrastructure spending at all levels of government would be best fix for California's congested, deficient roads, TRIP...

Off Road: Colorado Advocates Seek $1B /Year for Transit, Bike Lanes
August 22, 2016 Advocates say Colorado could unclog roads with an additional $1 billion each year for transit, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

On the Road Again: Gas Tax Revenues Revive as Americans Drive More
August 19, 2016 State gasoline tax collections climb as more Americans hit the road, giving states additional borrowing capacity.

N.J. Restart: Christie Opens General Fund to Pay for Road Work
August 18, 2016 N.J. Gov. Chris Christie opens the general fund to restart transportation project stalled over fight with lawmakers.

Why N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Wants to Double State's Gasoline Tax
August 17, 2016 A big increase in New Jersey's gasoline tax would restart work on $3.5 billion of stalled road projects, Gov. Chris Christie...

Why Former Officials Want Presidential Focus on Infrastructure
August 16, 2016 Both presidential candidates should focus more on rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, former officials urge.

Why Austin Wants to Put $720M of Mobility Bonds on the Nov. Ballot
August 15, 2016 Austin, Texas, council unanimously puts a $720 million mobility bond referendum to fund rebuild of city streets to November...

Why Illinois Opted for Toll Lane P3 on I-55
August 12, 2016 Illinois officials are asking road builders for input on a P3 project to add toll lanes to an existing interstate highway.

Why Massachusetts Governor Vetoed VMT Road Fee Pilot Program
August 11, 2016 Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed a pilot program to test a vehicle-miles-traveled road fee system.

Texas County Seeks to Block Bullet Train Plan
August 10, 2016 A rural Texas county along the route of a proposed high-speed rail link between Dallas and Houston voted in restrictions that...

Poll: Americans Want More Infrastructure Spending
August 9, 2016 Most registered voters believe governments should reverse infrastructure decline by boosting spending.

Virginia to Pick Partner Soon for $2 Billion I-66 Toll Lane Project
August 8, 2016 Virginia transportation officials plan to select a private partner by fall for the $2 billion I-66 toll lane project.

How Detroit's $4.7 Billion Transit Plan Finally Got on November Ballot
August 5, 2016 A last-minute compromise ensures that a $4.7 billion transit plan for Detroit will be on November ballot.

Why a Federal Judge Gave a Red Light to Purple Line P3
August 4, 2016 Maryland’s $5.6 billion Purple Line P3 in jeopardy after federal judge halts the project over ridership worries.

Why Trump Wants More Infrastructure Spending
August 3, 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump proposes more than $500 billion of new federal infrastructure investments.

States Face Deadline in $4.5B Program for Electric Vehicle Stations
August 2, 2016 States only have until Aug. 20 to designate highway corridors where electric vehicle charging stations can be built under a...

Dean Fuleihan, New York City’s Director of Management and Budget, sits down with The Bond Buyer’s Senior Marker Reporter Chip Barnett to talk about the city’s fiscal 2017 budget. Fuleihan also discusses the city’s aging infrastructure and what it takes to get the right balance between maintaining the old and building the new.

While there is something wild about callable premium bonds, fortunately there may be a way to tame them.

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