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Most Americans Would Support Mileage Fee Road Funding
April 29, 2016 Most Americans surveyed in a new poll would support replacing the gasoline tax with road user fees.

Federal Green Bus Grants Go To Seven Transit Agencies
April 28, 2016 The Federal Transit Administration will award $22.5 million of clean technology grants to seven transit agencies.

Bill Would Increase Federal Funds for Replacement of Dangerous Dams
April 27, 2016 Federal grants would be available to repair or replace dangerous dams under bipartisan Senate proposal.

Baltimore Project Wins OK for TIF Bonds
April 26, 2016 The Baltimore Board of Finance has approved $535 million of TIF bonds for a $5.5 billion waterfront development project.

Highway Gridlock Costs Truckers $50 Billion per Year
April 25, 2016 Congested urban highways in the U.S. add unnecessary costs to truckers as drivers spend long hours in traffic bottlenecks.

Missouri Voters May Be Asked to Raise Gasoline Tax
April 22, 2016 Missouri Senate passes a bill setting up a statewide gasoline tax referendum in November.

Senate Committee Approves 2017 Transportation Budget
April 21, 2016 The fiscal 2017 federal transportation budget approved by Senate Appropriations Committee incorporates FAST Act funding.

Transportation On Path for Healthy Growth in 2016
April 20, 2016 U.S. airports, ports, and toll roads should experience healthy growth in 2016 thanks to a recovering economy and low fuel...

Nebraska Dedicates Gas Tax to Infrastructure Bank
April 19, 2016 New transportation program dedicates portion of revenue from Nebraska’s gasoline tax to state road infrastructure bank.

Maryland Seeks Federal Funding to Prevent Port Bottleneck
April 18, 2016 Maryland is seeking a federal FASTLANE grant to expand a subsea rail tunnel that moves freight at the Port of Maryland.

Minnesota Transportation Officials Make Plea for More Funding
April 15, 2016 State officials say a 45% road funding shortfall will cripple Minnesota’s highway expansion plans by 2018.

Lawmakers Rebuff WMATA’s $300 Million Per Year Request
April 14, 2016 Members of a House panel rebuffed a request from WMATA for $300 million per year of additional federal funding.

San Francisco Seawall Upgrades Could Cost $5 Billion
April 13, 2016 Upgrading San Francisco’s vulnerable northern seawall to protect against earthquakes and rising sea level could cost $5 billion.

Md. Lawmakers Override Veto of Bill to Score Transportation Projects
April 12, 2016 Maryland legislators have overridden Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill requiring ranking of transportation projects.

FTA To Award Grants To Promote Transit Upgrades, Green Buses
March 30, 2016 The Federal Transit Administration will distribute $266 million of competitive grants this year for transit infrastructure and...

Purple Line Partners' Financial Plan Includes TIFIA Loan, PABs
March 29, 2016 Private investors in Maryland’s multi-billion dollar Purple Line P3 rail project will finance their share of construction with...

Mississippi Legislators Considering Gas Tax Increase
March 28, 2016 Mississippi state senators approve a placeholder measure that keeps a proposed gas tax increase on the table.

TIFIA Loan Helps Finance Chicago Transit's Rail Car Purchases
March 24, 2016 Chicago Transit Authority will use a $255 million federal TIFIA loan to replace more than 800 rail cars.

Grants To Go To Programs That Generate User Fees for Transportation
March 23, 2016 States can compete for $95 million of federal grants for experiments with user-based road funding mechanisms.

Army Attacks Energy Costs with Power P3s
March 22, 2016 The U.S. Army’s cost-cutting efforts include renewable energy P3 power projects at installations across the country.

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