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TIFIA Loans Carry Pluses and Perils, Fitch Says
October 30, 2014 Federal TIFIA loans and similar programs will become more prevalent as conventional highway grants shrink, according to Fitch...

Feds, States Eye $3 Billion Midwest Rapid Rail Line
October 29, 2014 A proposed $3 billion rapid passenger rail system in the Midwest would cut the five-hour train trip between Chicago to Detroit...

Report: Invest Now Or Pay Later For Infrastructure
October 28, 2014 Infrastructure upgrades would expand the economy and make the U.S. more resistant to climate change, a labor-environmental...

Texas Road Proposition Popular with Voters
October 27, 2014 An overwhelming majority of Texans seem ready to approve a ballot measure moving $1.7 billion/ year into the state road fund.

Local Governments Want More Federal Highway Funds
October 24, 2014 Local government groups tell Congress they want a bigger share of road funding in the next multi-year federal highway bill.

Maryland Voters Face Transportation Lockbox Question
October 23, 2014 Maryland voters will decide whether to constitutionally prohibit lawmakers from diverting transportation-dedicated tax...

Dallas in Line for Bullet Train Station
October 22, 2014 A new train station in downtown Dallas may be the northern terminal of a 240-mile privately financed high-speed rail line to...

States Losing Ground On Highway Work
October 17, 2014 While spending on state highways is up, some states are falling further behind on maintenance needs, Reason Foundation says.

Foxx Pushes For Lame-Duck Highway Fix
October 16, 2014 Agreement on multi-year federal highway bill possible in post-election congressional session, Transportation Secretary Foxx...

Virginia Board Proposes Tighter P3 Rules
October 15, 2014 Virginia officials would have to notify lawmakers about potential risks of new transportation P3 agreements under proposed...

Americans are suffering the consequences of Congress, governors and legislators across the U.S. pushing the burden of today's costs onto the backs of tomorrow's taxpayers by repeatedly putting off infrastructure repairs and new construction.

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