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Senate Averts Funding Shutoff With Road Bill
July 30, 2015 Senators avoided an Aug. 1 shutdown of highway projects by passing the House’s three-month HTF extension.

Airport Credits Under Rated, Kroll Says
July 29, 2015 Credits of the U.S. publicly owned airport sector and the crucial role of airport management are undervalued by the major...

Lawmakers See Three-Month HTF as Path to Longer Deal
July 29, 2015 The $8 billion, three-month extension of the Highway Trust Fund avoids a project shutdown in August.

New House Three Month Road Plan Would Keep Road Funds Flowing
July 28, 2015 House plans to leave for a long recess Wednesday after voting on a 90-day extension of federal highway funding.

CBO Sees $1 Billion Shortfall in Senate Highway Bill
July 27, 2015 Revenue offsets in the Senate's six-year transportation funding bill are $1 billion short of proposed general fund transfers.

Senate Amends Road Plan For Quick Passage
July 24, 2015 Senate leaders hope to vote on a $300 billion transportation bill by mid-week as funding cutoff looms.

Senate Removes Roadblocks To Six-Year Transport Bill
July 23, 2015 Senate debate gets under way on $317 billion, six-year transportation bill after Democrats soften opposition to revenue...

Senate Highway Plan Hits Wall as House Members Seek Short-Term Fix
July 22, 2015 House leaders from both parties say the Senate should drop a multiyear bill and adopt a short-term HTF extension.

Senators to Move Forward With Highway Bill, Despite Setback
July 21, 2015 The Senate will move forward with a compromise six-year transportation funding bill hammered out over the weekend in...

Senate Republican Leaders Working on Multiyear Highway Bill
July 20, 2015 Senate Republican leaders are working on a multiyear transportation bill that would resolve the shortfall in the Highway Trust...

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP attorneys take a look at the Securities and Exchange Commission settlements with 36 municipal securities underwriters pursuant to the Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation initiative.

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