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Children’s Hospital Bankruptcy Stirs Acrimony in El Paso
May 22, 2015 El Paso Children’s Hospital's bankruptcy filing led to board resignations and the threat of a rating downgrade, though $120...

Texas Franchise Tax Collections Meet Projections
May 22, 2015 Texas franchise tax revenue collections as of the annual May 15 deadline totaled $4.12 billion, which matched projections,...

Fitch Downgrades Tucson to AA-Minus, Outlook Negative
May 22, 2015 Tucson, Ariz., gets a downgrade and a negative outlook from Fitch Ratings as it prepares to issue $78 million of debt.

Texas Senate Joins House, Passes $3B Tuition Revenue Bond Bill
May 20, 2015 The Texas Senate approved a bill already passed by the House that provides $3 billion of tuition revenue bonds for the state’s...

Gov. Fallin, Oklahoma Leaders Agree on $7.1B Budget
May 20, 2015 Oklahoma will reduce spending by $74 million or 1% under a $7.1 billion budget agreement between Gov. Mary Fallin and...

S&P Upgrades Arizona to AA on Stronger Budget
May 20, 2015 Arizona’s moves toward a structurally balanced budget earn an upgrade from Standard & Poor’s to AA from AA-minus.

Twister-Damaged Texas School District on Watch for Downgrade
May 19, 2015 Van Independent School District is on Standard & Poor's watch list for a possible downgrade after a tornado damaged the East...

El Paso Children’s Hospital Files for Bankruptcy
May 19, 2015 El Paso Children’s Hospital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on May 19 after negotiations over a debt to...

Closed SLGS Window Adds Challenge to Refundings
May 18, 2015 The closure of the Treasury SLGS window has added a degree of difficulty to some refunding deals.

LADWP's Sale of Navajo Power Plant Stake Nears Close
May 18, 2015 After three years of negotiations, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is seeking final approval to sell its 21.2%...

Politics, public policy and public interest are the fundamental building blocks for public private partnerships in infrastructure.

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