Tampa Bay Rays Relocation Deal Rejected
The St. Petersburg, Fla. City Council rejected a proposal that would have allowed the Tampa Bay Rays to look for a new stadium site elsewhere in the region.
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Municipal bond groups are seeking federal appeals court guidance in a ratepayer appeal of part of Jefferson County, Ala.'s Chapter 9 bankruptcy plan, saying the district court decision allowing a challenge of the plan threatens to undermine market stability.  more »
Despite assurances that Paducah Power, Ky., has a financial recovery plan, Fitch Ratings downgraded the utility's bonds to BBB from A-minus on Wednesday.  more »
The New Orleans Aviation Board expects to issue up to $659 million in revenue bonds in February to finance a state-of-the-art terminal and related infrastructure.  more »
Private investors will begin collecting tolls soon on new interstate express lanes in Virginia built and operated under a P3 agreement through 2087.  more »
The St. Petersburg, Fla., City Council decides Thursday whether to allow Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays to search for a new stadium location in the region.  more »
Moody's Investors Service sees a stable outlook for public power in 2015, as an improving U.S. economy outweighs slowing demand for electricity.  more »
Florida economists said state general revenue collections are stronger than anticipated following their Dec. 15 estimate conference.  more »
Alabama plans to price $508.5 million in highway bonds in mid-January backed by an AAA rating from S&P that could save the state $40 million, the governor said.  more »
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved Duke Energy's $1.2 billion purchase of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency's generating assets.  more »
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal created a special agency and brought in anew attorney for the state's defense in the lawsuit over water rights filed by Florida.  more »
Virginia plans to offer federal qualified energy conservation bond financing to support the state's first program to assist public and private entities in implementing energy-saving projects.  more »
The Cherokee County School System is negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to settle a tax dispute, after an IRS agent contended in an audit of 2007 bonds that there was an arbitrage problem.  more »
Florida's fiscal health is in better shape than it has been in years thanks to state spending policies, restraint using debt, and rebounding revenues, officials said.  more »

As it steps up its efforts to police the municipal securities market, the regulator is turning to potentially career ending sanctions for municipal officials.

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