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  Friday, August 26
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Arlington Hgr Educ Fin CorpTXEduc Rev 20,350BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Aug 15
  Week Of August 29
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Univ of South AlabamaALUniv Rev 83,380Wells Fargo SecsPublic Fin Mgmt---A1---------Today
Arizona BORAZSys Rev 96,245Wells Fargo SecsRBC Capital Mkts---Aa3AA------Aug 18
Arizona BORAZSys Rev 131,085Wells Fargo SecsRBC Capital Mkts---Aa3AA------Aug 18
Arizona Transp BdAZGrant Antic 77,545Wells Fargo SecsKipling Jones---Aa2AA+AA---Aug 23
Arizona Transp BdAZRev Ref 85,350JPMorganRBC Capital Mkts---Aa1AA+------Today
Arizona Transp BdAZHighway Rev 172,400JPMorganRBC Capital Mkts---Aa1AAA------Today
CaliforniaCAVar Purp GO 615,000JPMorganPublic Resources------AA-AA----Today
CaliforniaCAVar Purp GO 2,092,155JPMorganPublic Resources------AA-AA----Today
Coachella Fin AuthCALease Rev 12,000Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
IndustryCASales Tax Ref (Tax)34,470Stifel NicolausNHA AdvisorsAGM------------Aug 5
Lake Arrowhead Comm Svcs DtCAWtr & Wstwtr Rev Ref 16,000BA Merrill Lynch------------------Today
Oxnard SDCAGO Ref 16,725Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Colorado Educ & Cultural FacsCORev 18,365BB&T Cap MktsSpecialized Pub Fin---------------Aug 23
GreeleyCOCOPs 25,530Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Miami-Dade Co Expwy AuthFLRev Ref 97,725RBC Capital MktsFirstSouthwest------AA---Aug 23
Carroll City-County Hosp AuthGARev Antic 35,505Raymond James------Aa2---------Aug 22
Dietrich SD #314IDGO 2,265Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Illinois Fin AuthILRev 500,000BA Merrill LynchAcacia Fin Group---------AAA---Aug 18
Illinois Hsg Dev AuthILMultifam Hsg (Tax)2,635BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Aug 17
Illinois Hsg Dev AuthILMultifam Hsg 21,100BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Aug 17
Genesee CountyMIWtr Sys Rev Ref 54,715JPMorganPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Today
Marquette Brownfield Redev AuthMITax Increment 18,985Hutchinson ShockeyRobert W. Baird------AA------Aug 17
Vandercook Lake Pub SchsMIGO Ref 3,790Stifel NicolausPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Today
Minneapolis/St Paul Metro ArptMNRev Ref 168,890Barclays CapitalJefferies---------------Today
Minneapolis/St Paul Metro ArptMNAirport Rev Ref 373,235Barclays CapitalJefferies---------------Today
DeSoto CountyMSGO Ref 8,185Raymond James------------------Aug 25
Dutchess Co Loc Dev CorpNYRev (Tax)4,000JPMorgan------------------Today
Dutchess Co Loc Dev CorpNYRev 34,000JPMorgan------------------Today
Hermon-DeKalb Ctrl SDNYRef 2,855Piper Jaffray------------------Today
NYS Env FacsNYRev (Tax)29,255Siebert BrandfordFirstSouthwest---Aaa---AAA---Today
NYS Env FacsNYRev 100,905Siebert BrandfordFirstSouthwest---Aaa---AAA---Today
Carrollton Ex Vlg SDOHCOPs 9,000Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Columbus Grove LSDOHGO Ref 3,150Stifel Nicolaus------------------Aug 23
Miamisburg CSDOHGO Ref 4,180RBC Capital Mkts------Aa2---------Aug 25
Otsego LSDOHGO Ref 4,795Stifel Nicolaus---OSDCE------------Aug 25
Summit CountyOHGO Var Purp Ref 34,080KeyBanc Cap MktsProvident Muni Adv---------------Aug 25
Oklahoma Dev FinOKLease Rev 17,060BOK Fin Secs------------------Today
Hood River CountyORGO Ref 65,720Piper Jaffray---St Gty------------Today
Baden Boro Muni AuthPASwr Rev 9,135RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Catasauqua BoroughPAGO 4,480RBC Capital Mkts---MAC------------Today
Fulton Co Indl Dev AuthPAHosp Rev 22,325Ziegler Cap Mkts------------------Today
Lycoming CountyPAWtr & Swr Rev 17,265Boenning&Scattergood------------------Today
Monaca BoroughPAGO 9,935M & T Securities---AGM------------Today
Pennsylvania Hsg Fin AgyPASinglefam Mtg Rev 254,835Jefferies------------------Aug 16
Scranton-Lackawanna SDPAUniv Rev 53,810Wells Fargo SecsFinancial S&Lutions---------------Aug 24
West View BoroughPAGO 7,940Piper Jaffray------------------Today
S Carolina Jobs & Econ DevSCRev 18,220Raymond James------------------Today
Aransas Pass ISDTXSch Bldg 17,900Frost Bank Cap MktsRBC Capital MktsPSF------------Today
China Spring ISDTXRef 5,750Hilltop SecuritiesFrost Bank Cap MktsPSF------------Aug 25
George West ISDTXSch Bldg 8,280Hilltop SecuritiesFrost Bank Cap MktsPSF---A+------Today
Gonzales ISDTXRef 4,050RBC Capital MktsBOK Fin Secs------AA-------Aug 22
Harris Co Wtr Cntr & Imp #74TXRef 6,920Coastal SecuritiesSAMCO Cap Mkts---------------Aug 25
Houston Comm CollTXLimited Tax 17,850BA Merrill LynchCoastal Securities---Aa1---------Aug 25
Houston Comm CollTXMaintenance Tax 30,850BA Merrill LynchCoastal Securities---Aa1---------Aug 25
Howard Co Jr Coll DtTXGO Ref 13,840Raymond JamesFirstSouthwest---------AA----Aug 18
Round RockTXRev Ref 4,600Stifel NicolausSpecialized Pub Fin---------------Aug 25
Round Top-Carmine ISDTXSch Bldg 2,100Hilltop SecuritiesRBC Capital MktsPSF------------Aug 25
Trinity River AuthTXRef & Imp 20,035Wells Fargo Secs------------------Today
Lexington Indl Dev AuthVARef 27,430Ziegler Cap Mkts------------BBB----Today
  Monday, August 29
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
St CharlesILGO Corp Purp 6,760Robert W. Baird------Aa1---------Aug 24
St CharlesILGO Corp Purp 10,450Robert W. Baird------Aa1---------Aug 24
  Tuesday, August 30
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Rock FallsILGO Alt 1,945Robert W. Baird---AGM---A------Aug 24
  Wednesday, August 31
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
N Carolina Med Care CommNCEd Facs Rev 8,195Robert W. BairdFirst Tryon Advisors---------------Today
  Wednesday, September 7
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
AppletonWIGO Prom 19,625Robert W. Baird------------------Aug 24
AppletonWIWtr Sys Rev Ref 24,190Robert W. Baird------------------Aug 25
AppletonWIStorm Wtr Rev Ref 15,515Robert W. Baird------------------Aug 25
  Week Of September 12
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Tustin Comm Redev Agy Succ AgyCATax Alloc Ref 21,270Piper Jaffray---------AA-------Aug 12
South Barrington Pk DtILGO Park 3,500Raymond James------------------Aug 25
Bellevue Comm SchsMIGO Ref (Tax)4,820Raymond James------------------Aug 15
Bellevue Comm SchsMIGO Ref 18,675Raymond James------------------Aug 15
Metro Transp AuthNYRev 1,057,430Goldman SachsPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Aug 24
  Day to Day
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Alabama Fed Aid Hwy Fin AuthALSpec Oblg 550,000Citigroup------------------Jul 22
Phoenix Indl Dev AuthAZEd Facs Rev 13,200Dougherty------------------Jun 14
Dinuba Fin AuthCALease Rev Ref 7,160Hilltop SecuritiesUrban Futures---------------Jul 8
St Lucie Co Sch BdFLRef COPs 16,000Wells Fargo Secs------------------Jun 10
Wake Forest UnivNCEduc Rev 513,990Wells Fargo Secs------------------Jun 30
Somerset Co Gen AuthPARev 10,000PNC Capital Markets------------------Aug 12
Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Swr AuthPRRev 750,000BA Merrill LynchPublic Fin Mgmt------CCC-CC---Aug 12
Bellville ISDTXRef 5,630William BlairFrost Bank Cap MktsPSF---AA-------Aug 18

Dean Fuleihan, New York City’s Director of Management and Budget, sits down with The Bond Buyer’s Senior Marker Reporter Chip Barnett to talk about the city’s fiscal 2017 budget. Fuleihan also discusses the city’s aging infrastructure and what it takes to get the right balance between maintaining the old and building the new.

While there is something wild about callable premium bonds, fortunately there may be a way to tame them.

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