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*  = Tentative Amount
raf  = rating applied for
NR  = Not Rated
 = Notice of Sale online
P  = Preliminary Official Statement Online
+  = Insurance available

  Week Of March 27
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
BlythevilleARWtr Ref Rev 5,545Stephens------------------Mar 21
Colorado River Union HSD #2AZSch Imp 35,000Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Santa Cruz Vly UHSD #840AZSch Imp 4,325Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Arcata ESDCAGO Ref 2,000Stifel NicolausIsom Advisors------A+------Today
Arcata ESDCAGO 3,400Stifel NicolausIsom Advisors------A+------Today
Berryessa Union SDCAGO 37,000Stifel NicolausPFM Fin Advisors---Aa2---------Today
California Pub Fin AuthCARev 54,500Raymond James------Ba2---------Mar 20
Cascade Union ESDCAGO 4,000Stifel NicolausIsom AdvisorsMAC---A+------Today
Desert Hot Springs Pub Fin AuthCALease Rev (Tax)1,025Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Desert Hot Springs Pub Fin AuthCALease Rev 12,535Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Eureka Pub Fin AuthCATax Alloc Ref (Tax)4,755Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Eureka Pub Fin AuthCATax Alloc Ref 13,795Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Glendale Comm Coll DtCAGO 122,000RBC Capital Mkts------Aa2---------Today
Golden St Tobacco Sec CorpCARev 618,805JefferiesPublic Resources---------------Today
Lancaster Redev AgyCATax Alloc Ref (Tax)3,165Hilltop Securities------------------Today
Lancaster Redev AgyCATax Alloc Ref 65,915Hilltop Securities------------------Today
San Benito HSDCAGO 29,500Stifel NicolausCapitol Pub Fin---Aa3---------Today
San JoseCAAirport Rev Ref 154,170CitigroupPublic Fin Mgmt---A2A-------Today
San JoseCAAirport Rev Ref (AMT)486,515CitigroupPublic Fin Mgmt---A2A-------Today
Santa Monica Comm Coll DtCAGO 95,200RBC Capital Mkts------Aa2AA------Today
Union ESDCAGO 35,000Wells Fargo SecsPiper Jaffray---Aa1AA+------Today
W Riverside Wtr & Wstwtr FinCARev 8,205Stifel NicolausFieldman Rolapp---------------Today
Washington Twp Hlth Care DtCARev 36,000BA Merrill Lynch------Baa1---------Today
Willows USDCAGO 8,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Yuba City Pub Fin AuthCAWstwtr Rev (Tax)6,820Stifel Nicolaus---------AA-------Today
Colorado Educ & Cultural FacsCORev (Tax)35,000JPMorgan------Aa1---------Today
Colorado Mountain CollCOCOPs 25,490Stifel NicolausNorth Slope Cap Adv---Aa3---------Mar 15
ConnecticutCTGO Ref 200,000CitigroupAcacia Fin Group---Aa3AA-------Today
ConnecticutCTGO 550,000CitigroupAcacia Fin Group---Aa3AA-------Today
OcoeeFLCap Imp 37,720Stifel Nicolaus---------AA------Today
Albany Hsg AuthGARev 24,535BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Mar 14
Muscogee Co SDGAGO Sales Tax 33,000Citigroup------------------Today
CoralvilleIAGO Ref 28,940Stifel NicolausPiper Jaffray---------------Mar 22
GrimesIAGO Ref 5,610Piper Jaffray------------------Today
HuxleyIAGO 6,860D.A. Davidson------------------Mar 17
East Moline SD# 37ILGO Sch (Tax)1,515William BlairPMA Securities------A------Today
East Moline SD# 37ILGO Sch 9,485William BlairPMA Securities------A------Today
Kendall Co Forest Pres DtILGO Ref 19,910RBC Capital Mkts---AGM------------Today
McHenry Comm Coll Dt #528ILDebt Certs 9,450Hutchinson Shockey------------------Today
Sterling CUSD #5ILSch 13,800Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Avon Comm Sch Bldg CorpINFirst Mtg 133,200Stifel Nicolaus---------A+------Today
Kokomo-Center Schs BldgINFirst Mtg 10,000Fifth Third Secs------------------Today
Kentucky St Prop & Bldg CommKYRev 59,000Citigroup------Aa3---------Today
Louisiana Pub Facs AuthLARev Ref 9,535Raymond James------------------Mar 23
Massachusetts Dev Fin AgyMARev Ref 172,800Morgan StanleyThe Yuba Group---------------Today
Frederick CountyMDGO Pub Imp 76,820JPMorganDavenport---AaaAAA------Today
Prince George's CountyMDRev 67,100Ziegler Cap Mkts------------------Today
ColdwaterMIElec Rev 4,775Hutchinson Shockey---AGMA3---------Mar 23
Grosse PointeMICap Imp & Ref 4,425Stifel Nicolaus------------------Mar 22
L'Anse Creuse Pub SchsMIGO Ref 4,940JPMorgan------------------Today
L'Anse Creuse Pub SchsMIGO Ref (Tax)91,915JPMorgan------------------Today
Minneapolis/St Paul Hsg RedevMNHlth Care Rev 80,110JPMorganKaufman Hall---Aa3---------Today
Rolla Indl Dev AuthMOTax Increment 20,685Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
New Jersey Tpk AuthNJTurnpike Rev 525,000Goldman SachsHilltop Securities---------------Mar 22
Bernalillo CountyNMMultifam Hsg 11,500KeyBanc Cap Mkts------------------Mar 22
Albany Co Arpt AuthNYAirport Rev Ref 14,425RBC Capital Mkts------A3---------Today
NYC Hsg Dev CorpNYMultifam Hsg 122,940JPMorgan------Aa2---------Today
NYC Hsg Dev CorpNYMultifam Hsg (Tax)22,500Wells Fargo Secs------Aa2---------Today
Dublin CSDOHGO Ref 6,830Fifth Third Secs------Aa1AAA------Today
HilliardOHGO Var Purp 5,000KeyBanc Cap Mkts------Aa1---------Mar 23
Ohio Higher Educ Fac CommOHRev 37,650Morgan Stanley------Aa3---------Mar 21
Revere LSDOHGO Sch 59,700RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Allentown SDPAGO 9,500Janney MontgomeryPFM Fin Advisors---------------Mar 23
Deer Lakes SDPAGO 22,905Janney Montgomery------------------Today
McGuffey SDPAGO 14,830Boenning&Scattergood---AGM---A+------Today
Wilkinsburg-Penn Jt WtrPAWtr Rev 6,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Rhode Island Infra BankRIWtr Rev 32,425Morgan Stanley------------------Today
Medical Univ Hosp AuthSCRef Rev 24,000BA Merrill LynchPublic Resources---A1---------Mar 23
Kaufman ISDTXSch Bldg 9,045Raymond JamesSpecialized Pub Fin---------------Mar 7
Lockney ISDTXSch Bldg 6,670Raymond JamesFirstSouthwest------AAA------Sep 22
RobinsonTXGO Ref 4,550Hilltop SecuritiesSpecialized Pub Fin---------------Today
San Patricio CountyTXCombined Tax Rev 10,000Frost BankEstrada Hinojosa---------------Today
  Week Of April 3
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
MinneapolisMNRev 30,000Piper Jaffray------------------Mar 17
NYS Env FacsNYRev (Tax)415,400JefferiesFirstSouthwest---Aaa---------Mar 20
Columbus-Franklin Co Fin AuthOHRev 2,205William Blair---------BBB+------Mar 23
New Hope Cult Educ Facs Fin CorpTXRev (Tax)5,515Piper Jaffray------------------Mar 20
New Hope Cult Educ Facs Fin CorpTXRev 47,025Piper Jaffray------------------Mar 20
  Week Of April 10
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Montgomery Co Hgr EducPARev 12,000George K. Baum------------------Mar 17
Sunnyvale (Town)TXCerts of Oblig 4,600Raymond James------------------Mar 23
  Week Of April 17
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Oklahoma CityOKGO Ref 29,000Raymond James------------------Mar 17
NE Texas Muni Wtr DtTXContract Rev 14,051Raymond James------------------Mar 17
  Week Of April 24
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
GatesvilleTXGO Ref (Tax)5,185Raymond James------------------Mar 17
  Day to Day
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
HuntsvilleALWtr Rev 23,665Raymond JamesPFM Fin Advisors------AA------Nov 15
Russell Co Pub Bldg AuthALRev 6,335Piper Jaffray---------A+------Nov 23
TuscaloosaALGO 30,000Piper Jaffray---------AA+------Nov 4
Arizona Indl Dev AuthAZEduc Rev 75,735RBC Capital Mkts---------BB+------Dec 2
California Poll Cntr Fin AuthCASolid Wst Disposal 215,000Stifel Nicolaus------------------Dec 2
California Sch Fin AuthCARev 11,805Stifel Nicolaus------------------Dec 2
California Statewide CommCAMultifam Hsg 17,000Citigroup------------------Mar 17
IndustryCASales Tax Ref (Tax)34,470Stifel NicolausNHA AdvisorsAGM------------Aug 5
Las Virgenes USDCARef COPs 10,000BA Merrill Lynch---------A+------Nov 7
Los AngelesCAMultifam Hsg 11,000Citigroup------------------Mar 17
San Bernardino Co CFD #2006-1CASpecial Tax 6,295Stifel NicolausCSG Advisors---------------Nov 18
Santa Ynez River Wtr Cons Dt #1CACOPs 8,950CitigroupFieldman RolappAGM---A+------Nov 10
Santee SDCAGO Ref 11,900RBC Capital MktsDale Scott------AA-------Nov 15
Saugus Union SDCASpecial Tax 8,210Stifel Nicolaus------------------Nov 10
Temecula Pub Fin AuthCARev 2,350Stifel NicolausFieldman Rolapp------A-------Nov 18
Union San DistCAWstwtr Rev Ref 37,140RBC Capital Mkts------------------Oct 14
Arrowhead Metro DtCOGO 7,470Piper Jaffray---------AA-------Nov 10
Powder Springs Downtwn Dev AuthGARev 33,860Stifel Nicolaus------------------Dec 9
S Ripley Comm Multi-Sch BldgINRef & Imp 15,255George K. Baum------------------Nov 18
Westfield-Washington SchsINFirst Mtg 6,085City Securities------------------Dec 2
Whitestown Redev AuthINLease Rental 23,560Piper Jaffray---------AA-------Nov 10
OwensboroKYRev 43,965BA Merrill LynchStifel Nicolaus---------------Oct 24
Maryland Comm Dev Admin HsgMDHsg Rev 18,720JefferiesCaine Mitter & Assoc---Aaa---------Today
Detroit Svc Learning AcademyMIRev & Ref 7,425HJ Sims & CoClear Scope Advisors---------------Oct 28
GlencoeMNGO Cap Imp Ref 1,485Robert W. Baird------A1---------Jan 13
Blue Springs Reorg SD # IVMOGO Ref 5,060George K. Baum------------------Nov 10
MississippiMSGO Ref 223,630Morgan StanleyFirstSouthwest------AAAA---Nov 4
Hall CountyNEGO 4,695D.A. Davidson------------------Dec 13
Westchester Co Indl Dev AgyNYSpecial Fac Rev (Tax)6,510Citigroup------------------Feb 17
Westchester Co Indl Dev AgyNYSpecial Fac Rev (AMT)74,845Citigroup------------------Feb 17
Butler Co Port AuthOHRev 41,475BA Merrill Lynch------------------Jan 5
Sandusky CSDOHSch Imp 25,405Stifel Nicolaus------------------Mar 10
Blackhawk SDPAGO 7,560Boenning&Scattergood---BAMA3---------Today
McKeesport Area SDPAGO 5,230Janney Montgomery---------BBB+------Nov 23
MonessenPAGO 5,000Boenning&Scattergood------------------Nov 4
Pennsylvania Tpk CommPARev 186,335Loop CapitalPFM Fin Advisors---------A----Oct 14
Pittston Area SDPAGO 4,680RBC Capital Mkts---BAM---A-------Nov 14
Southeast Delco SDPAGO 4,955Boenning&ScattergoodPFM Fin Advisors------A------Mar 10
Upper St Clair TwpPAGO 9,835Boenning&ScattergoodSusquehanna Group------AA+------Today
Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Swr AuthPRRev 750,000BA Merrill LynchPFM Fin Advisors------CCC-CC---Aug 12
Rhode Island Hlth & Educ BldgRIHigher Ed Facs Rev 40,000JPMorganPFM Fin Advisors------A-A+---Oct 14
S Carolina Jobs & Econ DevSCRev 17,620Raymond James------MIG3---------Aug 26
S Carolina Jobs & Econ DevSCEcon Dev Rev (Tax)1,880BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Feb 15
S Carolina Jobs & Econ DevSCEcon Dev Rev 18,645BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Feb 15
Flandreau SD #50-3SDGO 3,965D.A. Davidson---------AA-------Nov 29
Aubrey ISDTXRef 6,675Raymond JamesBOK Fin Secs---A1---------Jan 20
Idalou ISDTXRef 3,970RBC Capital MktsFirstSouthwest---------------Nov 22
Shallowater ISDTXRef 2,895Stifel NicolausFirstSouthwestPSF---AAA------Nov 23
Williamson Co MUD #13TXRef 3,520SAMCO Cap MktsSpecialized Pub Fin---------------Oct 13
Washington Econ Dev Fin AuthWAFac Rev 130,000Goldman SachsEcho Fin Products---------------Nov 23
Washington Hsg Fin CommWARev 25,000Citigroup------------------Today
Public Fin AuthWISpecial Fac Rev (Tax)1,000Citigroup------------------Feb 17
Public Fin AuthWISpecial Fac Rev (AMT)16,685Citigroup------------------Feb 17
Public Fin AuthWISpecial Fac Rev (AMT)50,660Citigroup------------------Feb 17
Public Fin AuthWIRef Rev 42,000CitigroupPrager & Co------AAA------Feb 17
Sweetwater CountyWYRev Ref 90,000BA Merrill Lynch------------------Nov 14

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale tells how marijuana taxation and regulation could help the commonwealth shore up its budget. He also discusses audits by his office, unfunded pension liability and the effect of a Donald Trump presidency. Hosted by Paul Burton.

Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does.

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