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  Friday, April 29
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
HartfordCTGO Ref 26,805RamirezMuni Resources AdvBAMBaa1AANRNRApr 25
District of ColumbiaDCRef Rev 69,760Morgan StanleyDavenport---A2AA-NRNRApr 22
Okaloosa CountyFLSales Tax Rev 14,000RBC Capital MktsFirstSouthwest------AAAA----Apr 25
Baldwin Co SDGAGO Sales Tax 8,500Raymond James---------A+------Apr 21
  Week Of May 2
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
MoodyALGO 6,725Raymond James------------------Apr 28
Higley USD #60AZSch Imp 25,785Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Pinal Co Comm Coll DtAZGO Ref 29,255RBC Capital Mkts------Aa2---------Apr 27
Yuma Co Free Lib DtAZGO Ref 11,285RBC Capital MktsStifel Nicolaus---Aa3---AA+---Apr 26
Cabrillo Comm Coll DtCAGO Ref 42,015Morgan Stanley------------------Today
California Muni Fin AuthCAEduc Rev 34,420Ziegler Cap Mkts------------------Today
California Statewide CommCARev 10,115RBC Capital Mkts------------------Apr 22
HawthorneCACOPs 11,555Backstrom McCarleyStern BrothersBAM---A+------Apr 21
HawthorneCACOPs (Tax)17,435Backstrom McCarleyStern Brothers------A+------Apr 21
Imperial Redev AgyCATax Alloc Ref (Tax)15,000Stifel Nicolaus---------A------Mar 24
Imperial Redev AgyCATax Alloc Ref 5,600Stifel Nicolaus---------A------Mar 24
Live Oak USDCAGO Ref 3,500Raymond James------------------Today
Los Angeles Dept of Wtr & PwrCARev 275,000Siebert Brandford------------------Today
Monterey Peninsula Comm CollCAGO Ref 100,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Mountain View SDCAGO Ref (Tax)6,500Raymond James------------------Mar 24
San Diego USDCAGO (Tax)6,100Siebert BrandfordKNN Public Finance---------------Today
San Diego USDCAGO 38,900Siebert BrandfordKNN Public Finance---------------Today
Victor Vly Trans AuthCARef COPs 25,815RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Colorado Hlth Facs AuthCOHosp Rev 70,000JPMorganPonder---------------Today
Colorado Hlth Facs AuthCOHosp Rev Ref 102,000JPMorganPonder---------------Today
Erie (Town)CORef Rev 17,205Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Univ of Colorado RegentsCORev 32,320Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Univ of Colorado RegentsCORef Rev 120,900Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Henry Co SDGAGO 205,050Raymond James------Aa2AA------Apr 25
AmesIAHosp Rev Ref 65,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
BurlingtonIAGO Corp Purp 1,295Piper Jaffray------------------Today
BurlingtonIAGO Ref 2,300Piper Jaffray------------------Today
FairfieldIAGO Cap Loan 1,970Piper Jaffray------------------Today
FairfieldIAGO Ref 3,470Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Illinois Fin AuthILRev 484,940Ziegler Cap Mkts------A3---------Today
Schiller Pk SD #81ILGO Sch 7,105William Blair------------------Apr 19
Munster (Town)INEcon Dev Rev 5,965City SecuritiesH.J. Umbaugh---------------Apr 22
Westfield Hgh Sch 1995 Bldg CorpINFirst Mtg 4,000City Securities------------------Today
Westfield Washington Sch BldgINFirst Mtg 4,000City Securities------------------Today
WhitingINRev 120,000BA Merrill Lynch------------------Today
Sumner Co USD #353KSGO Ref 6,050George K. Baum------------------Today
Wallace CountyKSGO Ref 2,350Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Louisiana Pub Facs AuthLARef Rev 151,060Citigroup------------A----Today
New IberiaLARef Rev 6,855Raymond JamesGovt Consultants---------------Today
Portage Pub SchsMISch Bldg & Site Ref 147,605Stifel NicolausUmbaugh---------------Apr 28
Minnesota Hsg Fin AgyMNRental Hsg 9,500RBC Capital MktsCSG Advisors---------------Apr 28
Missouri Hlth & Educ Facs AuthMOHlth Facs Rev 251,820RBC Capital MktsKaufman Hall---A1A+------Apr 26
Sheridan Co K-12 SD #20MTGO Sch Bldg 3,850D.A. Davidson------------------Today
Univ of NC Bd of GovNCRef Rev 53,860PNC Capital MarketsFirst Tryon Advisors---------------Today
Hopewell Vly Reg SD BOENJRef 16,760RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
N Plainfield Boro BOENJGO 8,500Raymond James------------------Today
New Jersey Educ Facs AuthNJRef Rev 48,630Morgan StanleyPrager & Co---------------Today
Old Bridge Twp Muni UtilsNJRef 4,845Raymond James------------------Today
NYS Dorm AuthNYSch Rev 219,285RBC Capital Mkts------------AA----Today
NYS Dorm AuthNYRev 52,425Janney MontgomeryFairmount Capital---------------Apr 28
NYS Hsg Fin AgyNYRev 105,215JPMorgan------------------Today
NYS Thruway AuthNYGen Rev 800,000CitigroupPublic Resources---A3A-------Today
Port Auth NY & NJNYCons Bds (AMT)475,000RamirezPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Apr 28
American Muni Pwr Inc.OHRev 137,535BA Merrill LynchRamirez---A1---------Apr 27
Belmont CountyOHVar Purp GO 5,830William Blair------------------Today
Chippewa LSDOHFacs Imp 7,800Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
ClevelandOHGO Ref 5,390KeyBanc Cap Mkts------------------Today
ClevelandOHGO Var Purp 47,650KeyBanc Cap Mkts------------------Today
Gtr Cleveland Reg Tran AuthOHCap Imp Ref 14,680Piper JaffrayPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Today
Ohio Hsg Fin AgyOHResidential Mtg Rev 112,000CitigroupRBC Capital Mkts---------------Today
Reading Comm CSD BOEOHGO 8,790RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Summit Co Dev Fin AuthOHRev 10,000Stifel Nicolaus------------------Today
Union CountyOHVar Purp GO 5,940William Blair------------------Today
Port of MorrowORGO 15,000D.A. Davidson------------------Today
East Lycoming SDPAGO 7,135RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Erie Swr AuthPASwr Rev 4,265PNC Capital Markets---BAM------------Apr 28
Mifflin CountyPAGO 6,630Boenning&Scattergood---BAM------------Today
North Penn Hlth, Hosp & Ed AuthPASch Rev 28,975Janney MontgomeryPublic Fin Mgmt---Aa3---------Apr 27
St Clair Area SDPAGO 4,720Janney MontgomeryPublic Fin Mgmt------A------Apr 28
William Penn SDPAGO 9,735RBC Capital Mkts------------------Today
Franklin Spec SDTNRef & Imp 18,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
EarlyTXGO Ref 5,410Raymond James------------------Apr 27
Marble Falls ISDTXRef 4,652William Blair---PSF------------Today
N Texas Tollway AuthTXRef Rev 947,020JPMorganFirstSouthwest---------------Today
New Hope Cult Educ Facs Fin CorpTXRev 16,345Piper Jaffray------------------Apr 20
New Hope Cult Educ Facs Fin CorpTXRec Fac 218,885Piper Jaffray------------------Apr 20
PearlandTXImp & Ref 31,640Coastal SecuritiesBOSC---------------Today
Socorro ISDTXRef 26,805Ramirez---PSF------------Today
South Padre Island Econ Dev CorpTXSales Tax Rev 3,550Raymond JamesEstrada Hinojosa---------------Apr 27
Williamson Co Wtr & Drain Dt #3TXRef 6,705Hutchinson Shockey------------------Today
Salt Lake CityUTRef Rev 21,335Wells Fargo SecsGeorge K. Baum---------------Apr 27
Camas SD #117WAGO 60,000Piper Jaffray------------------Today
Cascade SD #228WAGO 37,005D.A. Davidson------------------Today
Port Townsend SD #50WAGO 33,890D.A. Davidson------------------Today
TacomaWASwr Rev Ref 40,965JPMorgan------------------Today
TacomaWASolid Wst Sys Rev 22,195JPMorgan------------------Today
Washington St UnivWAGen Rev Ref 89,315Barclays CapitalPublic Fin Mgmt---------------Today
Public Fin AuthWISolid Wst Disposal 143,000BA Merrill Lynch------------------Apr 26
  Tuesday, May 3
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Centennial ISD #12MNCOPs 1,200Robert W. BairdSpringsted---------------Today
Centennial ISD #12MNCOPs (Tax)11,260Robert W. BairdSpringsted---------------Today
MiddletonWIGO Ref 3,895Robert W. Baird------------------Apr 27
  Week Of May 9
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Cayucos ESDCAGO Ref 6,500Raymond James------------------Apr 15
AtlantaGATax Alloc Ref 31,240Stifel NicolausFirstSouthwest---A2---------Apr 27
Forsyth Co Dev AuthGARev (Tax)1,260BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Apr 6
Forsyth Co Dev AuthGARev 41,750BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Apr 6
BorgerTXGO Ref 2,715Raymond James------------------Feb 25
BorgerTXCerts of Oblig 3,900Raymond James------------------Feb 25
KilleenTXGO Ref 37,445Raymond James------------------Today
Public Fin AuthWISch Rev 11,720BB&T Cap Mkts------------------Apr 28
  Week Of May 16
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Fabens ISDTXSch Bldg & Ref 8,595Raymond JamesLawrence Fin Cons---------------Apr 12
  Week Of June 13
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
New BraunfelsTXGO & Ref 43,000Raymond James------------------Feb 25
  Day to Day
Lead ManagerFinancial AdviserInsurerMdy'sS & PFitchKrollFirst
Kentucky Econ Dev Fin AuthKYHlth Care Rev 65,455Ziegler Cap Mkts------------------Mar 24
Atlantic CountyNJGO Ref 29,365RBC Capital Mkts------------------Apr 1
Newburgh Hgts VlgOHVar Purp GO 1,000William Blair------------------Mar 18
Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Swr AuthPRRev 750,000BA Merrill LynchPublic Fin Mgmt------CCC-CC---Aug 12

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Worst case, to-maturity debt service calculations that ignore the issuer's optional redemption feature lead to flatly wrong calculations for critical items like expected capital cost, refunding savings, and simple, basic principal and interest payments.

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