Embracing Change in the Muni Market

Timing Is Everything – or Not Much at All

Membership Substitution Transactions – Why Are They So Misunderstood?

What Drove Local Economies in January?

State, Local Bonds Critical to the Nation's Public Infrastructure

New Issue Price Regulations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Refunding Escrow Purchases are Once Again at Risk

Making the Case for the High Efficiency of the Tax Exemption — It's in the Numbers

Employment and Population: Real or Alternative Facts?

Management Contracts Safe Harbors Revisited – IRS Releases Updated Guidance (Again)

Meet the New Boss

Searching for Signs of Municipal Distress in Stale Data

Make-America-Great-Again Bonds?

Bond Issue Disclosure: When Politics and the Law Intersect

SEC Turns Focus to Underwriters, Issuers

Time of Trade Disclosure: Potential Exposures That Many Have Not Considered

Tax Policy Threats to Munis Are Real, Calculations of Impact Questionable

Final Issue Price Regulations Significantly Change Current Rules

Why Trump's Infrastructure Plan Looks Like Voodoo Economics

Maybe the Economy Does Matter

Trump and State and Local Governments: The Known Unknowns

Could Swing States' Economic Health Be a Factor?

MCDC Non-Compliance May Prove Costly

Puppets and Infrastructure

Leveraging Private Sector Know-How For Successful Public Projects

Hurricane Matthew, Political Rhetoric, Exports and the Economy

Cannabis Tax Revenues, Looking Toward November and Beyond

Municipal Advisor and Issuer Needs Post MCDC

Florida's Economy Rallies as Poverty Declines in Swing State

U.S. Infrastructure: Do More With Existing Resources

Chicago's Pension Funds Need More Support

Colorado's Economy Shows Strongest Improvement

Takeaways From the SEC's MCDC Settlements

Time to Restructure Debts of Chicago and Illinois is Now

What the SEC Has Achieved (So Far) Through Enforcement

The Problem with Ranking State Fiscal Performance

Debtors Anonymous: 12 Steps to Recovery for Puerto Rico

Taming Premium Bonds

Defending the Integrity of Public Finance

Disclosure and Diligence: Some Questions Remain Unanswered

Expanding Municipal Securities Enforcement: Profound Changes for Issuers and Officials

How Some Below-Average States Are Gaining Strength

Illinois: Should It Issue Bonds or Sell Tax Credits?

Making Bond Insurance Pay

George Voinovich Remembered: A 21st Century Don Quixote

Issuer Insight: Post-MCDC, Can Technology Help Issuers 'Get Paid'?

Bank Regulatory Issues Impede Cannabis Industry Financing Opportunities

Preventing Another Self-Inflicted Wound to Public Infrastructure Investment

Issuer Insight: Some Flexibility in Debt Affordability Measures Can Be a Good Thing

With Premium Callables, Worst-Case Metrics No Longer Work

Regina Shafer, USAA's Assistant Vice President of fixed-income mutual fund portfolios, recently joined Bond Buyer reporter Chip Barnett to discuss 2017's hot topics -- healthcare and infrastructure. She also looks at market performance, interest rates and correctly forecast muni bond fund flows.

Membership substitution transactions are the most common form of business combination transaction in the nonprofit hospital industry. They are also widely misunderstood and the source of many mistakes.

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