Treasury SLGS Data Illustrates Shift in Market Composition

Annual Required Contributions Aren't Always Enough

Strongest and Weakest States Identified, and a Drought Update

Fed Shows Muni Market Shrinking, But States Are Adding Debt

All Labor Markets Are Local

What to Make of a Diminished Thing: Tobacco Bond Defaults and Restructurings

Puerto Rico Faces Fiscal Distress in Cities

Mortgage Delinquencies; If Munis are Cheap, Why Does Everyone Hate the Market?

Puerto Rico's Value Added Tax Proposal Is the Future of the Island's Economy

State/Local Bond Proposals in Obama's 2016 Budget May Survive

P3 Opportunities Continue to Grow

Houston’s Baby Step to Address Pensions; What’s Ailing Housing in Connecticut?

In Defense of Pension Obligation Bonds

State Strength Ranking; Why is Kansas Like New Jersey?

Opportunity Knocks to Educate Washington on Munis

Allow Ch. 9 for Puerto Rico Public Corporations

Investors, the State of the Indiana Intercept Is Strong

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Bill Would Change Rules on Creditors Midstream

Why Buy-and-Hold Is Dead

Impact of Global Economy on State GDP; Pension Metrics to Watch

Commentary: Municipal Bankruptcy — Lessons for the Capital Markets

Commentary: Allen Park Ruling May Spur More SEC Cases Against Muni Officials

Commentary: Escrow Purchases Are Once Again at Risk

Commentary: Budget Proposes New Tax-Exempt Bond to Boost P3s

Commentary: Taxing Tax-Exempt Bonds Undercuts Worthy Goals

Commentary: Puerto Rico's Next Chapter

Commentary: Local Governments in the Worst Hard Times

Commentary: Simplified Settlement Procedures for Issuers of 501(c)(3) Bonds

Commentary: Florida Dirt Bond Sector Is Recovering

Commentary: Clearing Up the Confusion on Non-Dealer MA Registration

Commentary: SEC Quietly Seeks Industry Bars Against Muni Officials

What Would Jim Lebenthal Say?

Commentary: Vibrant Bond Markets, Right Now

Commentary: High Cost and Unexpected Risks of Traditional Fixed Rate Debt

Commentary: SEC Case Shows Liability Without Participation

Commentary: Landslide Victories for Fiscal Responsibility

Commentary: Benchmarking Puerto Rico with 1970s New York Is Misguided

Commentary: Congress's HTF Failure Creates Risk, Opportunity

Commentary: Access Equals Delivery — Muni Time-of-Trade Disclosure for Primary Market Offerings

Commentary: Kicking the Can on Infrastructure Leaves U.S. Poorer

Commentary: ProPublica Throws the Kitchen Sink at Tobacco Bond Issuers

Commentary: Puerto Rico's Recovery Act Had a Big Effect on the Market

Commentary: California Tax Allocation Bonds Heat Up

Commentary: Regulation of MAs: Bring it On

Commentary: How to Apply Leveraged-Loan Guidance to Public Entities

Commentary: The Municipal Bankruptcy Crisis — Lessons from Detroit

Commentary: BDA, Broker Dealers Have Constructively Engaged on MA Rule

Commentary: Puerto Rico's Debt Mess May Spur Solutions for High-Risk Territories

Commentary: July 1 - A Date for the Muni Market History Books

Commentary: Exemptions May Ease Pain of Advisor Rule

This week, we discuss a new measure of pension funding, examine the impact of oil prices on labor markets in oil dependent States and discuss changing levels of food stamp participation.

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