Bill Would Increase Federal Funds for Replacement of Dangerous Dams
Federal grants would be available to repair or replace dangerous dams under bipartisan Senate proposal.
Senate bill would provide grants to repair or replace some of the estimated 4,000 dams in U.S. considered unsafe or deficient.
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A Corps of Engineers study assessing storm and flood risks is credit positive for Florida’s local governments because it will prioritize projects eligible for federal funds, Moody's Investors Service said Friday. more »
Most Americans surveyed in a new poll would support replacing the gasoline tax with road user fees. more »
In a near unanimous vote, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Thursday passed a bill that includes $1.4 billion in federal funding for Flint, Mich. as well as any other community facing a water crisis. more »
The Federal Transit Administration will award $22.5 million of clean technology grants to seven transit agencies. more »
After having been withdrawn from the energy bill in the Senate, controversial legislation to provide federal funds to Flint, Mich., and any other community facing a water crisis, has been included in a major water bill introduced in the chamber this week. more »
The Baltimore Board of Finance has approved $535 million of TIF bonds for a $5.5 billion waterfront development project. more »
Congested urban highways in the U.S. add unnecessary costs to truckers as drivers spend long hours in traffic bottlenecks. more »
Florida bond director Ben Watkins does not believe public-private partnerships that include private financing benefit the public sector, but P3 proponents disagree. more »
Missouri Senate passes a bill setting up a statewide gasoline tax referendum in November. more »
The fiscal 2017 federal transportation budget approved by Senate Appropriations Committee incorporates FAST Act funding. more »
A bill introduced by Senate Democrats would increase funding for state revolving funds, permanently reauthorize a program to provide low-cost loans for water projects, and remove the cap on private-activity bonds for water and wastewater projects. more »
U.S. airports, ports, and toll roads should experience healthy growth in 2016 thanks to a recovering economy and low fuel prices. more »
New transportation program dedicates portion of revenue from Nebraska’s gasoline tax to state road infrastructure bank. more »

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Brian Fraser, co-chair of the litigation department at Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP, examines the challenges of distinguishing a loan from a bond and a loan from a security, in a chat with Bond Buyer northeast regional editor Paul Burton.

Worst case, to-maturity debt service calculations that ignore the issuer's optional redemption feature lead to flatly wrong calculations for critical items like expected capital cost, refunding savings, and simple, basic principal and interest payments.

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