PREPA Creditors Warn Abandoned PREPA Deal Could Hurt Mainland Issuers
Subcommittee members heard testimony about the chances for and potential fallout from attempts to renegotiate the PREPA restructuring support agreement as well as what stakeholders have been doing to help the financially troubled commonwealth.  more »
The House subcommittee hearing on the soon-to-expire PREPA restructuring support agreement aims to gather information about the status of ongoing negotiations between Puerto Rico and PREPA creditors. more »
Trump’s 2018 budget plan threatens funding for transit projects such as Maryland’s $5.6 billion Purple Line rail P3. more »
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio painted a grim landscape for his city should the massive cuts in President Trump’s proposed budget materialize. more »
President Trump's 2018 budget outline would dramatically cut spending for federal transportation and community development programs. more »
Republicans and Democrats both use CBO report to back their positions for and against repealing and replacing the ACA. more »
The House Natural Resources Committee, which played a key role in creating PROMESA, will hold a hearing in one of its subcommittees on March 22 to discuss PREPA’s restructuring support agreement. more »
The House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee both approved companion bills that would end a legal loophole that lawmakers allege allowed broker-dealers to defraud Puerto Rico investors have received committee approval and are now pending before the House and Senate. more »
Democrats blast Republicans for jamming health care vote through two committees without the Congressional Budget Office report on costs or hearings. more »
The American Health Care Act proposed by House Republicans could cause major budgetary problems for state and local governments, credit rating agencies say. more »
Hatch wants to overturn federal rules that paved the way for state and local governments to set up retirement savings plans for non-governmental workers who no access to such plans. more »
The dollar volume of municipal bond trading soared higher last year than in any year since 2012, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board found in its 2016 Fact Book released Monday. more »
The SEC’s proposal to obtain more information disclosures on bank loans, placements and other financing alternatives to municipal bonds could affect leases, guarantees, derivatives and certain monetary obligations. more »
About 600 APPA members plan to meet with U.S. lawmakers to talk about the importance of preserving the tax exemption for municipal bonds. more »

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale tells how marijuana taxation and regulation could help the commonwealth shore up its budget. He also discusses audits by his office, unfunded pension liability and the effect of a Donald Trump presidency. Hosted by Paul Burton.

Why 3 of 4 rating agencies use A.I. and what it does.

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