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Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
1605 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Tel: 1-888-233-9527

The Bond Buyer's
Healthcare & Higher Education
Super Conference

October 27-29 | Crowne Plaza Times Square | New York City

The US health care and higher education industries are embarking on a period of transformative change, facing regulatory, technological, and demographic developments that are guaranteed to have far-reaching impacts on their business models, the creditworthiness of their existing debts and their future capital needs.

That turmoil naturally makes bond investors nervous, since the risk of the industry bifurcating into winners and losers presents a stark contrast to their goal of collecting steady, fixed payments over the long-term. Their consolation? Higher yields ... IF they can spot the winners and avoid the losers, they are also likely to maximize yield.

The Bond Buyer's Health Care & Higher Education Super Conference is the annual event where both sides of the market come together. Join us for a unique two-day event that will offer actionable debt-management strategies for college, university, and hospital CFOs and finance managers, while also helping investors see over the horizon.

Questions to be addressed include:
How is the 2014 effective date for the Affordable Care Act already driving changes to hospitals' business models and what new skills will they need to succeed?
Does the growing interest in online education pose a threat to brick-and-mortar colleges and universities?
What will the impact be on university and hospital P&Ls from declines in the college-age population ... and the surge in retirees?
Will alternative financing products, including direct loans and very-long-term taxable borrowing, play a growing role in this sector, and why?
PLUS, a keynote address from New York University President John Sexton, who was ahead of the curve in transforming his institution's makeup, and is still fighting to innovate today.

Changes are coming to the nation's nonprofit and public-sector higher education and health care providers. Join us in New York this Fall to learn what it means for you ... and how to stay one step ahead.


Issuers and non-profit organization employees pay only $195, Institutional Investors $395 and All Other Professionals $1,095. To register contact Dan Tina at (800) 803-5797. Be sure to ask about group rates!

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